NJ Online Slots & Jackpot Slots

How To Play & How To Win

Whether you’re a high roller or play for pennies, a huge array of exciting NJ online slots offer fun for players of all bankrolls. In our overview below we’ll teach you the basics of playing online slots in New Jersey. You’ll be spinning like a pro in no time.

The Best NJ Online Slots

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Online Slot Lingo

First let’s brush up on essential slot machine vocabulary:

  • Paylines: each slot consists of X amount of “paylines” on which a player can bet. Some slots allow users to activate specific paylines, while others feature a set number of lines that are a forced bet on every spin. Paylines usually run from left to right and can move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally before connecting to their corresponding number at the other end of the screen. You win by matching symbols along an active payline – one which you have placed a bet on – and are paid in part by the number of matching symbols that fall on that line. Most online slots in New Jersey allow you to easily activate and bet on all lines at once with a “bet max” button.
  • Wild/substitute: these are symbols that can represent almost any other symbol and which can greatly assist in creating more winning matches.
  • Scatter: “Scatter” symbols activate a special bonus round or pay a bonus award, usually when three or more appear on the reels. In most cases, scatter symbols can appear in any position on the reels and don’t need to fall on any specific payline like normal winning matches do.
  • Bonus round: a bonus round is triggered when a specified number of scatter symbols appear. The number of free games awarded is determined by the “paytable”.
  • Paytable: the paytable provides players with information needed to play the game, including symbol values, scatter and wild symbols, paylines, and payouts.

New Jersey Online Slots Basics

Most online NJ slots consist of five reels and three or four rows of symbols. In the game your goal is to make winning matches by uniting several of the same symbols on a live payline. Your payout for the spin depends on the value of the matching symbol, along with how many of that symbols are involved in the win. For a win to be registered, symbols must appear adjacent to each other on an active payline, starting from left to right.

When the reels stop spinning, you don’t need to worry about checking your paylines for winners; once your spin has been completed, the game will automatically light up your winning paylines and matching symbols.


Betting on a slot spin at an NJ online casino is a snap. Start by choosing the number of lines you would like to play, then set the amount you’d like to bet on each of those lines. If the game’s paylines are fixed, all lines will be automatically selected and you won’t have the option of adding or subtracting any from the total.

When you’ve got your wager set, you can start your spin in one of three ways. To make a single spin, simply click the “spin” button, usually positioned in the bottom center of the game window. Alternatively, you can click the “bet max” button, which will activate all paylines and start your spin with one touch. Lastly, to reduce the tedious task of clicking spin again and again, most slots offer an “auto spin” feature which allows you to play a set number of spins out automatically. Simply click the appropriate button and relax as you play, hands-free!

Bonus Rounds

While spinning for winning matches can be exciting and lucrative, the real payouts come when a bonus round is triggered. Nearly all NJ online casinos offering slots give the possibility of activating such bonuses, which can take many forms and deliver big rewards. There are huge variety of bonus possibilities built into Garden State video slots, and developers are continually crafting new titles with creative and innovative features.

Throughout the years, however, players have come to enjoy and expect certain types of bonus rounds in their slots, which have more or less the same structure. Generally, bonuses are triggered when either the scatter symbol, wild symbol or any other dedicated symbol appears on specific reels. Here are some of the most common type of bonuses along with an explanation of how they work.

  • Free Spins Bonus: This type of bonus is found in the majority of slot games and is by far the most common. When a free spins bonus is activated, players receive a certain number of free spins, depending on how many symbols were involved in the triggering spin. In addition, a multiplier is sometimes applied to wins during the round, allowing players to boost their payouts considerably. For example, in the slot Cleopatra, when a player hits three or more Scattered Sphinx symbols, they win 15+ free spins with all wins multiplied by 3X.
  • Bonus Wheels: Bonus wheels add an extra element of fun by giving players a chance to spin a wheel divided into sections marked with prizes. These can include credit wins, free spins, multipliers or even a massive progressive jackpot. For example, when three scattered U-Spin symbols appear on slot Cash Spin, players win a spin on an interactive wheel and are awarded either 12 free games or credit awards.
  • Pick’em Bonuses: When a pick’em bonus is triggered, players are presented with a special screen and pick objects to reveal hidden prizes. In BloodSuckers, for example, when three bonus symbols fall, you’ll be taken to the bonus round where you will pick coffins that contain cash prizes. Continue picking until you reveal a Game Over symbol.
  • Random Bonuses: Normally this type of feature is activated during or after you make a spin in the base game which doesn’t involve a win. When your spin is in progress or has just finished, a random bonus can be unexpectedly triggered, turning your losing spin into a winning one. An example of this is the Storm Feature found in NetEnt’s Tornado: Farm Escape. During any spin, the feature can be triggered, which generates a storm that turns random symbols wild.

Paylines vs 243 Ways to Win

While the majority of NJ online slots use paylines to determine winning spins, others use an alternative system known as 243 Ways to Win. With payline slots, symbols must appear from left to right and follow an active payline to trigger a win. 243 Ways slots, on the other hand, do away with paylines altogether, and award payouts when identical symbols appear on adjacent reels, no matter what their respective reel positions are. Some find that Ways to Win games are easier to follow than regular slots, which often clutter up the screen with a web of zigging and zagging paylines.

The 243 figure refers to the number of possible mathematical combinations that could turn your spin into a winner. In some ways, 243 Ways games are similar to the Scatter bonuses offered in most online slots. Scatter symbols can trigger bonuses by falling anywhere on the reel set, not just along active lines. Jackpot slot Loot ’En Khamun is one example of a game that employs the 243 Ways structure.

Since there are so many ways to get paid, 243 Ways slots tend to hit more frequently than traditional slots, but payout less when they do. Since Ways to Win games pay out at a faster clip, they are considered to be lower variance.

What is a Return to Player Percentage?

Before you choose an online slot to play, it’s important to understand the game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate. The RTP percentage is effectively the amount of money which a player can expect to win back from a game over a long period of time. For example, if a player deposits $100 in a slot with a 97% RTP and makes 100 $1 spins, on average, that user can expect win back $97 and lose $3.

RTP in NJ online casino games can vary widely, with the house taking from as little as 1% up to a whopping 10%. For comparison, popular casino table games like baccarat, blackjack, Pai Gow and craps usually give back 98% and above, assuming perfect play. For that reason, NJ online casinos prefer that users play slots over table games when unlocking  bonuses.

Here are a few examples of NJ online slots and their RTP:

As you can see, with an RTP of 98%, Blood Suckers would give you the best odds of this group, but the differences in RTP from slot to slot are minimal, with the industry average hovering right around 96%.

Keep in mind that these figures are based on hundreds of thousands, or even millions of spins. Anything can happen in the short term at NJ online casinos, meaning that you could walk away with a massive payday or lose your entire stake in the process! Of course, RTP isn’t the only factor players take into consideration when choosing an online slot. While some slots might offer slightly worse odds, a game’s fun factor can be more than enough to make up for it!

Volatility is also worth considering. This is a measure of how “chaotic” a slot is. While some games may offer smaller and more consistent payouts, high volatility machines may subject the user to long stretches of nothing, but also the hope of a massive score. Note that Blood Suckers at the top of the above list is recognized as a Low volatility game, and Jack Hammer 2 and Planet of the Apes are Low-Medium. Wheel of Fortune On Tour is a very High volatility game.

NJ Online Jackpot Slots

A progressive slot is a lot like a traditional slot machine, but with the potential for a major pay day. With every spin the progressive jackpot prizepool increases until one player hits it big. The longer it goes without being triggered, the larger the jackpot grows… and as the jackpot grows, so does its appeal.

The Pros of Playing NJ Online Progressives

The most obvious advantage of playing a progressive slot machine at an NJ online casino is that the top-end payouts are significantly higher than what’s offered by traditional slots — not necessarily in terms of monetary value, but always in terms of wagering units.

For instance, a traditional slot might offer a maximum payout of $200k, but in order to achieve that, players would have to pony up $100 – $200 a spin. Not so for progressives, which can offer players a chance at $200k+ scores for under a buck per spin — that’s over 200,000 wagering units.

Another big plus to playing progressives is that the return-to-player can turn positive. Yes, you read that right. For every spin a player takes that doesn’t trigger a jackpot, the jackpot prize will ascend. Should it rise high enough, the game will eventually reach a tipping point where it returns over 100%.

Admittedly, this doesn’t happen very often, but there’s enough jackpot slots in New Jersey that the odds of one paying back 100% or more aren’t outlandish.

Progressive slots require no skill to play, making them amenable to both causal and new gamblers. Simply click the spin button and wait a second or two for the outcome.

And finally, NJ online casino jackpot slots are fun to play, typically offering compelling bonus rounds and lots of big-money sweats.

And the Cons…

Jackpot slots are not without their drawbacks, otherwise no one would play the traditional one-armed bandits.

First of all, progressives tend to be extremely volatile. There can be long stretches where the reels come back empty, or payout less than the player’s initial wager.

Plus, hitting a top-end jackpot is akin to winning a small lottery — it can happen, and it does happen, but it’s still a long shot. It’s possible to increase the odds of striking it rich, but that typically involves increasing the amount wagered.

On a related note, the base return-to-player for progressive slots are typically lower than it is for regular slots, meaning players will generally want to avoid progressives that have just been reseeded. It is worth noting that some NJ online casino progressives do offer sound base returns. Take for instance Divine Fortune, available at Betfair Casino and many other sites, which offers a base return of 96.6%. That’s above average even for a traditional slot.

Types of NJ Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are usually categorized into three major categories: Stand-Alone Progressives, In-House Progressives and Wide-Area Progressives. The jackpot slots found in most NJ online casinos fall into either the Stand-Alone or Wide-Area classification.


A Stand-Alone Progressive is a standalone game machine where the jackpot is based solely on a percentage of gameplay on that one machine. There is no link or connection to any other slot machine. This does slow the rate at which the jackpots grow when compared to other types of progressives. Typically, a Stand-Alone Progressive machine at an NJ online casino will have a meter on its front that displays the current progressive jackpot.

With Stand-Alone Progressives (and all progressives for that matter) the odds of hitting a jackpot prize increase with the amount wagered. Divine Fortune is a prime example of a Stand-Alone machine.

In-House Progressive

In-House Progressive jackpots, also known as Proprietary Progressive jackpots, are derived from a group of gaming machines that are owned and operated by the casino, and are linked together. As play occurs on the network of machines, the progressive jackpot increases accordingly. Due to the fact that they involve a much more expansive breadth of gameplay, In-House/Proprietary Progressive jackpots tend to be more lucrative than Stand-Alone versions, but perhaps do not put up the same numbers as Wide-Area Progressives.

Wide-Area Progressive

Wide-Area Progressive jackpots take In-House Progressive jackpots to an entirely different level, both in the amount of machines in play, and consequently the size of the jackpots. While In-House Progressive jackpots involve a network of game machines under one roof or website, Wide-Area Progressive jackpots are fed from a network of machines across multiple casinos. While the larger volume of gameplay naturally leads to even bigger jackpots than those offered through In-House/Proprietary Progressives, it also makes the odds of winning big on one smaller, too.

A good example of a Wide-Area Progressive is the Big Series found on Borgata Casino, Party Casino, and BetMGM. Because there are so many games and networks linked, it’s not uncommon for the top jackpot to hit seven figures.

International vs NJ Intrastate Jackpot Networks

The intrastate jackpots offered at NJ online casinos — those that build based on game play in multiple casinos within the Garden State – are certainly impressive, but they pale in comparison to international jackpots. International jackpots consist of proceeds from play on a network of game machines from around the globe.

International jackpots are naturally the largest available, given that they stem from the most expansive player pool. In this regard they can often make interstate jackpots appear modest by comparison.

New Jersey does not yet link its online jackpot prizes with any other sites regulated in other countries or states, although this could change as it forges player pooling agreements.

How to Win a Jackpot Slot

One very fundamental but nevertheless essential aspect of having a chance at securing a progressive jackpot of any type is to place the maximum bet you’re comfortable with. Without doing so, your chances of winning a progressive jackpot will be diminished. Not only that, but if you hit a secondary jackpot, the prize amount will be smaller.

Another important aspect of progressive internet slots to keep in mind is that they usually pay less for non-jackpot wins than regular machines. That, combined with the fact that placing large bets are the best way to challenge for a jackpot, makes bankroll management particularly important when making a run at the big prizes.

So how do you give yourself the best chance at hitting a progressive jackpot? Let’s delve further into one of Virgin Casino’s three jackpot slots, Wonderland, to get a better idea.


Wonderland is a 5-reel, 100-payline slot game that features two progressive jackpots and four bonus games. It has a detailed Alice in Wonderland theme which features the characters from the story.

The Progressive Jackpot is eligible to be claimed during any of the bonus games, and is awarded at the end of the bonus round. It’s important to note that Wonderland is a double progressive game, meaning that you’re able to play for one of two different jackpots.

To win the Wonderland progressive jackpot, one of the following must be accomplished during the Bonus Rounds:

  • Paint all of the roses red before the Queen appears in the Painting the Roses Bonus Game
  • Turn the Joker Card in The Queen’s Court Bonus Game
  • Play 5 Croquet Hedgehogs with gold stars on their belly in the Croquet Bonus Game
  • Pick a cake with a Progressive coin in it at the Mad Hatters Tea Party Bonus Game

How can I identify jackpot slots on NJ online casino sites?

Jackpot slots are among the most popular games at NJ online casinos, and as such are usually positioned front and center on their respective websites.

In fact, many sites have created a special “Jackpots” menu item, where you can easily find all of the progressives on offer in one convenient location.

Unfortunately, not all sites separate progressives from regular slots or table games, making it a bit more difficult to see your jackpot options. In those cases, we recommend scanning the game library thumbnails and looking for slots with a jackpot amount listed in the graphic. Usually these figures are updated in real time, giving you the chance to see how much you can win before jumping in the game.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check over the thumbnails once more and look for any “Jackpot” or “Exclusive” ribbons, which sometimes adorn a site’s special or jackpot titles.

Note the jackpot prizepool displayed for Loot ‘En Khamun and Mercy of the Gods.

How Much Can You Win?

While getting an overview of the actual size of potential winnings is certainly a great source of inspiration, nothing is more encouraging than reading about an actual winner who struck it big in New Jersey.

One case involves a Union County, New Jersey resident who scored a record jackpot of $195,880 in early October 2016 at Pala Casino while playing the online slot Gorilla Go Wild. The patron, not identified by request, reported she also took home a $40,000 jackpot at Pala earlier in the year.

Another historic jackpot was a $687,786 payout on a $5 spin on Gods of Gold at Harrah’s in June 2018.

A couple of months later Divine Fortune paid $314,341 for a dollar spin at Betfair. Divine Fortune commonly delivers jackpots over $200,000. The current status of the jackpot can be found at any time using our tracker tool.

A Somerset, NJ resident scored a record (at the time) jackpot at Borgata in October 2015, raking in the The Big One ‘Mega Cash’ Jackpot of $268,032.17 with one $10 spin of the Loot ’En Khamun slot game… from his mobile phone! Jackpots in the hundreds of thousands are commonplace now, due to the number of new players discovering NJ online casinos.

As NJ online casinos grow in popularity, so do prizepools. Life changing jackpots are up for grabs every day.

What is the biggest NJ Progressive Jackpot Hit to Date?

The largest recorded NJ online casino jackpot occurred on November 10, 2014. It was on that date that a player parlayed a tiny wager into $1,334,641 on the Millionaire Genie slot, offered by Harrah’s Casino.

The only bigger hit came at a Let it Ride table, when a player wagered $500 on Betfair Casino and scored a Royal Flush. The payout: $1.52 million.

NJ Online Slots Highlights From Top Operators

While most New Jersey online casinos offer at least a satisfactory sampling of table games, the real diversity comes in the form of slots. NJ gambling sites each offer dozens, or even hundreds, of video slots which feature a huge variety of themes, bonus opportunities and paylines.

With so many options available, you are sure to find one that suits your fancy, whether it be traveling back to ancient Egypt, playing Monopoly for real money, or vanquishing enemies as the Queen of the jungle! Let’s take a look at each NJ gambling website and see what you can expect from their respective online slot libraries.

Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget is the New Jersey iGaming industry’s most successful online casino, and in large part that has to do with its massive selection of slot titles. At present the site boasts one of the highest slot tallies in the industry.

If a new game hits the market, there is a good chance that the Golden Nugget Casino will be one of the first in NJ to pick it up. It also offers several exclusives, including:

  • Jungle Monkeys
  • Kanga Ca$h
  • King Ramses
  • Golden Ox
  • Big Thunger

Jackpot slots are on the menu as well. Here is  a sampling:

  • Divine Fortune
  • Mercy of the Gods
  • Imperial Riches
  • World of Ripley’s
  • One Red Cent Deluxe
  • Grand Spinn Superpot

Betfair Casino

Betfair NJ has consistently shown itself to be one of New Jersey’s top online casino revenue earners. The site offers hundreds of slots, including plenty of exclusives. Play the following only on Betfair:

  • African Diamond
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Carnival in Rio
  • Colossus FracPot (jackpot slot)
  • Crazy Money
  • Empire of Sand
  • Enchanting Pixie
  • Full Moon Diamond
  • King of Bling
  • Leonidas: King of the Spartans
  • Medieval Gold (jackpot slot)
  • Medusa: The Quest of Perseus
  • Night Survivor
  • Shore Luck
  • Solstice Celebration
  • Starry Night
  • Total Meltdown

You can also play the Divine Fortune progressive, One Red Cent, and Gong Xi Fa Cai on the site, as other jackpot options.

Hard Rock Online Casino

Hard Rock offers a competitive slots catalog. Key offerings include the universally popular Divine Fortune and the fittingly rock-themed Jimi Hendrix. The Mega Jackpot progressive versions of Cleopatra and Siberian Storm are also available.

The casino also boasts a unique multi-table feature that allows players to enjoy multiple different slot machines at the same time.

Resorts Online Casino

Resorts currently boasts one of the biggest slots collections of all the New Jersey online casinos with hundreds of titles available. Included in its massive library are several jackpot slots, like : Divine Fortune, Mega Jackpot Cleopatra, Mega Jackpot Siberian Storm, and Gong Xi Fa Cai. The following nine exclusive titles are also available:

  • Coctktail Cash
  • Double Play Super Bet
  • Dragon Wins
  • Foxin’ Wins
  • Foxin’ Wins Again
  • Foxin’ Wins: A Very Foxin Christmas
  • Foxin’ Wins: Football Fever
  • Polter Heist
  • Queen of the Castle

Mohegan Sun Online Casino

Mohegan Sun is partnered with Resorts and therefore features an almost identical slots library. In total there are 600+ slots available, which include all of the same network exclusive slots as Resorts, along with some progressive options.

SugarHouse Online Casino

With around 500 titles, SugarHouse hosts one of the largest online video slot libraries in the state. The site offers staples like Blood Suckers, Divine Fortune, Starburst, Wolf Run, and Dancing Drums.

Caesars Palace Online Casino

Casino giant Caesars boasts an impressive collection of more than 600 internet slots, with some exclusives mixed in. Players will also be pleased with Caesars selection of progressive jackpot slots.

Party Casino

The standalone PartyCasino NJ now offers a slot catalog several hundred titles deep — a number that will continue to increase. The site offers a fair number of titles that can’t be found on many other NJ online casino sites, as well as the Big Series and the smaller Ca$h Fla$h jackpot series:

  • Melon Madness: Big Series
  • Biker Pigs: Big Series
  • Loot’En Khamun: Big Series
  • Going Nuts: Big Series
  • MGM Grand Millions: Big Series
  • Candy Store: Ca$h Fla$h
  • Pirates Booty: Ca$h Fla$h
  • Money Boat: Ca$h Fla$h
  • Sweet Hawaii: Ca$h Fla$h
  • Fire Drake: Ca$h Fla$h

Other exclusive slots include:

  • Aztec Myths
  • Shipwreck
  • Kung Food

Borgata Online Casino

Borgata is partnered with Party and shares many of the same online slots in NJ. Borgata’s collection, however, does vary slightly from its partner’s. It maintains many of the same jackpot slots, both Ca$h Fla$h and the Big Series.

BetMGM Online Casino

BetMGM is powered by the same GVC software as Borgata Casino and Party Casino, and the slot selection is nearly identical. Having launched late in the game during summer 2017, BetMGM did well to catch up quickly.

Tropicana Online

Tropicana is partnered with Virgin Casino in the Garden State and has a nearly identical library of online slots, the main differences being that it does not support Virgin’s Deal or No Deal.

What is does support is over two-dozen network exclusive slots including Winstones Resort & Casino, Wonders of the Deep, Zen Garden, and The GodFather.

Overall the Tropicana slot library is below average for the industry, but given the number of high-quality exclusives available, players will hardly notice.

Virgin Casino Online

Virgin Casino is powered by GameSys software, which has developed several of its own slot games. While the site’s collection is lower than average in the state by number, it makes up for it with a wagon full of exclusive games including the site exclusive Deal or No Deal.

Other exclusives include:

  • Secrets of the Phoenix
  • Scratchcard Shop
  • Queen of the Tree Folk
  • Bubble Wild
  • Sapphire Sorceress
  • The Godfather
  • Tiki Totems
  • Tiki Island
  • Wonderland
  • Million Dollar Money Drop

888 Casino NJ

The slots offerings at 888 is respectable, and improving.

While game choice is limited, the site somewhat redeems itself with more than 20 online jackpot slots and plenty of exclusives. Play any of the following and you might just walk home with a massive payday:

  • Ultimate Universe
  • Irish Riches
  • Steampunk Nation
  • Casino Reels
  • Saved By The Bells
  • Pirates Millions
  • Snack Time
  • Valentine’s Victory

Several of 888’s jackpot slots are linked. For example Snack Time and Valentine’s Victory share the same top prize.

Harrah’s Casino Online

If you are coming to Harrah’s Online to play slots you are probably going to be mildly disappointed. The site hosts a very modest selection that is downright unimpressive when compared to Caesars Palace Online Casino, which also operates on the Caesars Interactive Entertainment license.

PokerStars NJ

When one thinks of PokerStars, they usually don’t envision casino gaming. However, the online poker giant does offer a selection of online slots in NJ which can be accessed through a browser, or within the poker client by clicking the Casino tab at the top of the game window.

Unfortunately, the selection is pretty paltry, which is not surprising given the fact that the site is mostly focused on online poker in New Jersey. That said, the library is still growing.

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