One Of A Kind Slot Colossus Frac/pot Makes NJ Debut at Betfair Casino


Betfair Casino quietly introduced a spate of new, exclusive online slots this week, one of which includes Colossus Frac/pot, a game featuring a unique partial cash out option which you won’t find anywhere else in New Jersey online gambling.

Produced by Colossus Bets and CORE Gaming, Colossus Frac/pot is an ancient Rome-themed slot which boasts three static jackpots. While plenty of NJ slots offer the chance to win sizable chunks of change, Colossus stands apart in that players can choose to either cash out a fraction of their winnings or choose to gamble in the hopes of unlocking an even bigger reward.

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Going all the way

The game’s five reels are set inside a heavy stone coliseum, a design which radiates strength and power from the get-go. Directly above the reels sit the three Frac/pot displays – Bronze, Silver and Gold – which announce their respective jackpot amounts and hover over five faded keys. The size of your initial bet determines how much you can potentially win. Increase or decrease your wager before your spin to see how much the jackpots are worth at each bet level.

When you begin playing the base game, you’ll notice the coveted key symbols whizzing across the reels. To win a piece of the jackpot, two keys of the same color must first land on the first and second reels. When that happens, a new screen pops up and you’ll be tempted with an offer to buy the keys and cash out, or try for the Frac/pot.

Your initial offer will be split 50-50 between the Collect and Gamble sides of the screen. If you aren’t feeling lucky, you can move the entire amount to the cash out button and end the bonus with no risk to your partial payout. The more adventurous can alternatively increase the Gamble amount as far as they feel comfortable, up to 100%. In that case, you will not bank any of your current offer, but will have a better chance of moving on to win the entire Frac/pot.

If you decide to go for it, the third reel will begin spinning. If a key of the same color falls on that reel, you’ll be prompted to repeat the process. When you’ve collected the five necessary keys, you’ll pocket the amount featured in the display.

Frac/pot the sole attraction

Apart from the Frac/pot and a Wild symbol, the slot does not feature any other bonus opportunities. This can give it a monotonous feel, especially the way the game slows down when the first reel yields a key, but the second does not. The chance to win a massive jackpot, however, should be enough excitement for most.

Colossus is just one of several slots released by Betfair Casino this week. Progressive slot Medieval Gold made its debut on Monday and takes its place among 19 other exclusive slots. The site is not lacking for exclusive table game titles either, which total seven and include video poker, baccarat, Hi-Lo solitaire, blackjack and roulette games.

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