The Best Live Dealer Games At Online Casinos In New Jersey

One of Europe’s most popular online gambling formats is now available on multiple NJ online casinos.

Live Dealer first debuted on Golden Nugget Casino in August 2016, and was later introduced by Betfair Casino. Since, several more sites have begun offering the format, with more expected soon.

These represent the only sites in the US where players can experience the benefits of gambling in a live casino environment, all without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

On this page, we’ll explain what this innovative new format is all about, and tell you how, where, and when you can get in on the action.

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What is Live Dealer NJ?

Until somewhat recently, the only way to experience casino table gaming online was by playing against a computer in a simulated environment. Digital table gaming relies heavily upon what is known as a random number generator (RNG), which is essentially a piece of code that produces unbiased and random outcomes.

In short, whenever it’s man v. machine, all game outcomes are determined by the RNG.

Although this mechanism allowed games to move more swiftly, the social interactivity that players enjoyed in live environments was lost. That, and the RNG-driven nature of the game drew skepticism from some players.

Even today, despite regulatory safeguards instituted by legal NJ online casinos to ensure game integrity, some still only fully trust physically dealt cards.

For online players longing for these lost aspects of live casino gambling, Live Dealer provides a near perfect solution.

Live Dealer is made possible by advances in streaming technology. The games are broadcast in real-time from a dedicated Live Dealer studio and feature:

  • Real dealers, who deal to players in real time
  • Physical playing devices, such as real playing cards and roulette wheels
  • Social interaction functionality, allowing players to communicate via chat with the dealer and one another

The main differences between playing live and in Live Dealer games are that there are no physical chips to contend with, and payouts are handled automatically by computer systems. This allows for gaming rounds to move at a swifter pace compared to live, but still slower than traditional online table gaming.

Of course, the other difference is that players can play Live Dealer games from anywhere. Whether it be from their home PC, a laptop, or a mobile device, as long as players are physically located in the state of the New Jersey, they are free to take a seat at the Live Dealer tables.

What NJ online casinos feature Live Dealer games?

Currently there are 10. Golden Nugget was a Live Dealer pioneer in New Jersey, partnering with software provider Ezugi to open the first dedicated legal Live Dealer studio in the state in 2016. GN-licensee Betfair followed suit, leasing out space from the facility for its own operation the following year, utilizing the same dealers and most of the same tables as Golden Nugget.

Several sites licensed under Borgata (Borgata Casino, Party Casino NJ, and playMGM) added to format as well in 2018.

The opening of the Hard Rock AC finally brought some competition for Golden Nugget. Hard Rock teamed up with international Live Dealer industry-leader Evolution Gaming to build its own dedicated studio inside the property. Hard Rock got its Live Dealer games up and running soon after it launched its online casino, and later welcomed 888, Play SugarHouse, Ocean and Resorts into the facility as well.

Casino# of TablesHoursBonus
Golden Nugget112pm - 3am Mon. - Wed.
12pm - 3am Thur. - Sun
$20 Free (Code: NJOG)
Betfair83pm - 3am Mon. - Wed.
12 pm - 3 am Thur. - Sun
$30 Free (Code: NJOG)
Borgata43pm - 3am Mon. - Wed.
12 pm - 3 am Thur. - Sun
$20 Free (Code: NJOG)
Party NJ43pm - 3am Mon. - Wed.
12 pm - 3 am Thur. - Sun
No code needed
playMGM43pm - 3am Mon. - Wed.
12 pm - 3 am Thur. - Sun
Hard Rock AC512pm-12am
888 Casino612pm-12amNo code needed
SugarHouse1012pm-12amUp to $20 (Code: NJOG)

Live Dealer games at Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino are currently available for PC, Mac, and on Android/iOS powered smartphone devices. Borgata sites, as well as those hosted at Hard Rock, have taken things a step further by offering Live Dealer across all of the aforementioned devices plus tablets.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Live Dealer play?


  • Can be played from any location within the state of New Jersey
  • Real dealers and physical playing devices
  • Optimized for play on Android and iOS smartphone devices
  • Lower minimum wagers for baccarat and roulette compared to the same games at Atlantic City casinos
  • Guaranteed seating at roulette and baccarat tables
  • Multiple side bets available
  • Be social while retaining anonymity


  • Slower pace compared to traditional online table gaming
  • Rules aren’t always the most favorable to the player
  • Limited hours of operation for most games (although hours are expanding rapidly)
  • Minimum bet typically higher compared to digital NJ online casino table games

Live Dealer games at NJ online casinos

At present, all Live Dealer Casinos feature four primary Live Dealer games: blackjackroulettebaccarat and hold’em-style games. Casinos using the Evolution platform offer Ultimate Texas Hold’em while those using the Golden Nugget studio spread a variant called Casino Hold’em.

A variety of baccarat and blackjack side games are also available, as is Multiview Roulette — which is really just roulette with a few extra camera angles.

Golden Nugget has also introduced Live Casino Floor Roulette, which allows players to observe and place wagers at a real table on the Golden Nugget AC casino floor. Live Casino Floor Roulette is also the first Live Dealer game featured on the site that runs 24/7.

Several casinos partnered with Evolution offer a similar game, Dual Play Roulette, which allows patrons even outside the country to wager on spins being made inside AC casinos.

Each site supports just one baccarat and one traditional roulette table, and that’s all that is necessary. One of the benefits of Live Dealer is that for most games, one table can theoretically host an infinite number of patrons.

Blackjack is an exception to the rule. Because players of this game are active participants, with each receiving a unique hand, seating is limited to just seven players per table.

As Live Dealer has grown in popularity, there has been increased demand for more blackjack tables. Luckily, Betfair and Golden Nugget have answered the call, increasing their number of tables to accommodate more players.

At launch, Hard Rock offered a unique solution for blackjack table overcrowding known as the Bet Behind feature. This variant allows both players on the rail and those seated at the table to bet on other players’ hands. The upside to this wager is that it allows anyone with a Live Dealer Blackjack table open to get in on the action, all but eliminating the frustration associated with not finding a seat in the main game.

The one potential downside is that players will have to trust their horse to make sound playing decisions. Choose wisely.

Golden Nugget-based Live Dealer sites are playing catch-up with this feature, but should be implementing it fairly soon.


Live Dealer BlackJack - Golden Nugget

Upon taking a seat at a Live Dealer Blackjack table, players will notice a vast number of similarities to a blackjack game that might take place at a brick and mortar venue. Really, the only notable differences are:

  • Wagering is done with a click of a mouse (or tap of a finger), instead of pushing forward physical chips.
  • Hand actions such as hitting, standing, and doubling down are also handled electronically.
  • Players have a limited amount of time to make their decisions. The timer was implemented to ensure adequate game flow.
  • Payouts are calculated by a computer, instead of the dealer.

As far as the rules, they’re just about as player-friendly as those found in Atlantic City casino floors, although slightly less favorable compared to most digital games found at NJ online casinos:

  • Naturals pay 3:2
  • 8-deck shoe with 50% penetration (low penetration discourages card counting)
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Double on any two cards
  • Double after split
  • Split up to two hands
  • Split Aces receive one card per hand only
  • No surrender
  • Return-to-player: 99.28%

Worth noting, the minimum wagers for Live Dealer Blackjack games are significantly higher when stacked up against their digital counterparts, with a low-end wager of $10 on the cheapest tables, and up to $50. That’s pretty much on par with what players will find on Atlantic City casino floors.

Maximum wagers run as high as $2,000.

There are also two side bets available: 21 + 3, and Perfect Pairs.

21+3 pays out when the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card make a flush or better. Payouts are as follows:

  • Flush: 5-1
  • Straight: 10-1
  • Trips: 25-1
  • Straight flush: 40-1
  • Suited trips: 100-1

This bet sort of functions like the Three Card Poker bonus bet most players are familiar with. At a return-to-player of 93.72% it’s not the greatest play, but it’s one of the only ways to parlay a nominal sum into a titanic payout at the Live Dealer Blackjack tables. At a $1 minimum wager, it’s worth the occasional romp.

Perfect Pairs is a slightly better side bet, with a return of 95.91%. But the upside compared to 21+3 is somewhat lower.

For this game, players win when their first two cards make a pair. Payouts are as follows:

  • Mixed color pair: 6-1
  • Same color pair: 12-1
  • Same suit pair or a perfect pair: 25-1

The minimum bet for this side wager is also $1.


The differences between playing Live Dealer Roulette and roulette at a live casino are nominal. Namely, players won’t be butting elbows with their table mates trying to place bets, as all betting is handled electronically.

But what players gain in convenience, they lose in house edge. That’s because the wheel features a zero and a double-zero. When the ball lands on these numbers, even money bets do not return any portion of the wager. As a result the house edge on all wagers is a rather unfavorable 5.26%.

Compare this to the European Roulette variants found on most NJ online casinos, where the house edge is 2.70% or even less, depending on the type of wager.

Still, players won’t find roulette games in AC where the minimum wager is just $1. So if you’re adamantly opposed to digital roulette games and want to play on the cheap, Live Dealer Roulette isn’t the worst option.

For a more visual experience, players are encouraged to check out the recently added Multiview Roulette. The game mostly parallels Live Dealer Roulette (same dealer, hours of operation, and wheel) except that players are treated to more cinematic camera angles, which alter from bet placement, to spin, and outcome.

Those who want to truly immerse themselves in a live casino setting are encouraged to check out Live Casino Floor Roulette or Dual Play Roulette, which as the names imply, enable players to place wagers on an actual games on real casino floors.


Live Dealer Dragon Baccarat - Borgata

Outside of the ability to peel the cards oneself, Live Dealer Baccarat is just about identical to its b&m counterpart.

Well, there is one other big difference: there’s just about nowhere else in the country where players can legally see baccarat hands for a minimum of $1 per hand.

The version of baccarat spread at Golden Nugget Casino and Betfair Casino is the commission variant, which adheres to the following structure:

  • Banker wins: 1:1 payout minus 5% commission
  • Player wins: 1:1 payout
  • Tie wins: 1:8 payout

The commission on Banker wins is taken because the Banker has a slightly higher probability of winning than the Player. Contrary to popular belief, baccarat outcomes are not truly a coin-flip.

Despite the commission, Banker bets are still a player’s best option, returning 98.94%. Players bets aren’t far behind, at 98.76%. And Tie bets are simply atrocious, with a house edge approaching 15%.

The popular Dragon Bonus side bet, which pays out on naturals and when one size beats the other by a hefty sum, is also spread at the Live Dealer Baccarat tables. Wagering spreads for this bet are $1-$100. Full payouts as follows:

  • Win by 9: 30-1
  • Win by 8: 10-1
  • Win by 6-7: 4-1
  • Win by 4-5: 2-1
  • Win with a natural (8 or 9): 1-1

Players can bet either the Banker Dragon Bonus or the Player Dragon Bonus. Traditionally the Player Dragon Bonus bet is the better play, with a significantly lower house edge.

Casino Hold’em

Live Dealer Casino Hold'em - Golden Nugget

Poker players may get a kick out of this one, which effectively places the screamingly popular game of Hold’em in a casino environment.

Players who have checked out this carnival game at land-based casinos will be happy to know that online, they can play for a minimum of just $1 a hand. Not to mention, they won’t have to wait for dealers to dish out cards to all players, as the player hole cards are shared by all. What results is an environment where a theoretically infinite number of players can all be seated at just one table.

Put simply, the goal of Casino Hold’em is to make a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. Players must place a forced Ante bet before each round, and will receive two down (hole) cards. After three community cards are dealt, they’ll have to the option to Call or Fold. Fold and the round ends, with players forfeiting their Ante. Call, and players will put up double their Ante, after which they will see the remaining two community cards. After all five cards are dealt, the dealer and player hands are evaluated and a winner is determined.

Beat the dealer when she qualifies with a pair of 4s or better and win both the Ante and Call wagers. Should the dealer not qualify then calling players will automatically win on their Ante bet, whether they had the winning hand or not.

Casino Hold’em also comes with an exciting side bet wager: AA+. This bet pays out when the player makes a pair of Aces or better by the flop, and pays odds ranging from 7-1 for a pair of Aces through a straight, 20-1 for a flush, up to 100-1 for a Royal Flush.

The house edge for Casino Hold’em is just over 2%, making it a better play than most Roulette games. Just be warned that the house owns a 6.26% edge on the AA+ side bet.

For more on Casino Hold’em, check out this overview article.