Caesars Online Casino NJ Bonus Code and Review

Quick Look
  • Our Rating: 4/10 (Fair)
  • Licensee: Caesars Interactive
  • Software: 888
  • Games: 320
  • Bonus: N/A

Perhaps the most recognizable brand in Atlantic City, Caesars was the second casino to launch in the East Coast gambling haven when it opened its doors in 1979. The company was founded more than four decades earlier under the Harrah’s name and now operates over 50 land-based casinos, several golf courses and a handful of gambling cruise ships.

When New Jersey legalized online gambling in 2013, it was thus a given that Caesars would be at the forefront of the industry. The company is licensed to offer three casino websites in the Garden State, along with the online poker site, Each of Caesars’ online casino properties are powered by 888’s Dragonfish software platform.

In this review, we’ll take a look at Caesars Online Casino and find out if it delivers the same level of fun and excitement that its brick-and-mortar properties are known for! Note: Return to player percentages are displayed in parentheses. 

Game Selection

Caesars Online Casino boasts an impressive library of games, each designed to pique the interest of both the traditional veteran gambler and the newer generation of player. These games feature dozens of different themes, rules variations and payout odds which will surely keep gamblers busy.


Caesars tries to include something for everyone in its slots collection. Seasoned players might enjoy the James Dean or Elvis themed games, while younger crowds will likely trend toward slots like Family Guy and Street Fighter 2. Being somewhat in the middle of these two demographics, I was partial to the Guns N’ Roses slot, a straightforward and modern game which lets you pick your favorite GNR tunes to play as a soundtrack while you spin for big wins.

Other slots are much more complicated, and can feature upwards of 100 paylines, progressive payouts and multilevel, 3D bonus rounds.


Caesars Online Casino offers nine varieties of “21” to wet your beak.

  • Sidebet Blackjack: Pays 3:2 on blackjack wins and, as the name implies, allows you to sweeten your payout by picking one of the five side bets available. Get paid 5,000:1 when both you and the dealer get dealt a suited king or queen as your first cards, if you’re Mega Match side bet is activated. The game’s minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $500.
  • Microlimit Blackjack: Has a minimum bet of $0.10, offers no surrender option, and pays 6:5 on blackjack (2:1 on suited blackjacks).

The other available options are pretty similar, with betting amounts being the main difference. They are no-frills classic blackjack tables which typically pay 3:2 on blackjack, and accept bets from between $0.25 up to $1,000.


There are several types of roulette available at Caesars, each offering slightly different rules and payouts.

  • American Roulette (94.74%):Includes a racetrack option which allows you to bet each number (and its neighbors) based on where they fall on the wheel, rather than looking at them in numerical order.
    Double Bonus (98.06%): When you land on the extra Bonus space (which is larger) your current bets will be freerolled and let ride on a bonus spin on two concentric wheels. The feature adds an extra element of fun and offers the chance to make 1,200X your investment.
  • NYX European Roulette (98.65%): Has one zero slot instead of a zero and double zero.
    3 Wheel Roulette (97.29%): Is comprised of three rings of wheels spinning simultaneously. The minimum bet is $1, but in reality you can only bet in multiples of threes, one bet per wheel. So, if you make a $1 bet for number zero, it turns into a $3 bet. Remember, with three wheels spinning, you have three chances to win on each bet placed. There is also something called the Color Up Bonus which is a side bet and pays out if there are matches when the wheels stop spinning. Triple zeroes will net you 1,200:1. It’s a decent alternative to traditional roulette if you need something to spice up your gaming.

Table Games

Much like at your favorite land-based casino, you have the option of playing multiple different table games at Caesars’ NJ online offering:

  • Let it Ride (96.49%): A poker variant in which you play against a pay table rather than the dealer or other players. Start out by making three even bets – minimum bets are $1, with a maximum of $75. You are then dealt five cards, three of which come face up, with two facedown. At this point, you have the option to take back one of your bets or Let it Ride. One of the facedown cards is then flipped, and again you have the choice of taking one of your bets back or keeping everything as is. When the last card is revealed, you put the five cards together to make the best poker hand possible. You’ll need a minimum of a pair of tens or better to qualify for winnings. You can also add a bonus bet to win, based on a separate pay table for the first three face up cards dealt.
  • No Commission Baccarat (35%): The object of baccarat is to predict whether the value of the dealer or the player’s cards (or a tie) are closer to 9. There are many nuances involved with scoring and drawing cards, so if you aren’t familiar with the game, it is highly recommended to read the rules before playing.
  • Three Card Poker (96.63%): This widely popular poker-based game is ideal for people who want to scratch their poker itch but may not have the time to play a full game or may be intimidated by playing against other players. Start by making an ante bet, and receive three cards face up. If you think your three cards have a chance to beat the dealer’s three facedown cards, you can double your ante with one bet. If you don’t like your chances, you can fold your hand and surrender your ante. There are also a couple of bonus bets you can make before the cards are dealt. Pair Plus rewards you extra for having a pair or better. 6 Card Bonus takes your cards and the dealer’s cards and puts them together to make the best five card hand (even if you folded). This separate pay table starts at three of a kind.

Video Poker

Below are the video poker games offered at Caesars online:

  • Double Bonus (99.11%): Allows you to take any winning hand and try to double the winnings by simply selecting whether the next card dealt will be red or black. If that action isn’t enough, you can try to quadruple your previous winnings by accurately guessing the suit of the next card.
  • Deuces Wild Elite (99.45%): Only pays at three of a kind.
  • Five Play Draw Poker: Lets you start with a base hand like every other video poker game. The cards you hold in that hand will also be held in four other hands which all will draw cards from their own deck to substitute for your discards. Nine different renditions of the game offer their own twists, like bonus payouts for different kickers when you hit four of a kind. The theoretical payout hovers around 97%.
  • All-American (96.99%)
  • Aces and Faces (99%)
  • Game King Double Bonus (99.1%)
  • Game King Double Double Bonus (98.98%)
  • Game King Jacks or Better (99.54%)
  • Double Double Regal (97.87%)
  • Jester Poker (97.19%)


Apart from its sign-up bonus, Caesars Casino does not offer regularly scheduled promos like its competitors at this time.

Loyalty Program

Total Rewards is the comp system used worldwide at over 40 Caesars Total Rewards properties. Caesars allows you to link your land-based Total Rewards card to your Caesars online account and accumulate credits instantly. For every $10 wagered on slots and $100 wagered in any other game, you earn both a Tier Credit and an Online Reward Credit.

Tier Credits are used to determine your Tier in the Total Rewards loyalty program. Your Tier will give you access to different discounts, dinners, VIP treatment and more. Tier Credits are counted yearly and the annual requirements are as follows:

Tier Level Tier Credits
Platinum 5,000
Diamond 15,000
Seven Stars 150,000 (to be considered)

Online Reward Credits can be exchanged for cash at a rate of 1,000 credits for $10. They can also be redeemed for standard Reward Credits which are used for purchases at Caesars hotels, shopping, dinners and other benefits.

Any online credits accumulated before you link your online account to your Total Rewards will not be counted, so be sure to include your accounts as soon as possible.


Players have many banking options at their fingertips to get money onto and off of their Caesars Online Casino account. You can securely and directly move funds from your bank account, PayPal account, or even just use cash.

Option 24 hour max Withdrawal option?
Online banking $500 No
PayNearMe $500 No
Neteller $5000 Yes
PayPal $10,000 Yes
E-check $999,999 Yes
Visa/MasterCard $999,999 No
Cash at Caesars cage Yes
Caesars prepaid card Yes


The software on the main site runs very well. The only complaint is the occasional slow loading time, but it doesn’t happen often. Caesars Online Casino runs on browser based software so it isn’t a huge memory hog and there is no downloading required. All games ran smoothly with no hiccups, glitches or lag while playing during my testing.

Aesthetically pleasing, the website is easy to navigate and the superb game sounds will transport you right back into the hustle and bustle of your favorite casino floor.

Mobile App

The mobile app runs smoothly, but the lobby design is a bit smushed by promotions ads and an option bar which takes up about 40% of the top of the screen. At the bottom, the time and your session duration are displayed. When you scroll upward looking for a game to play, the promotions scroll too, leaving more room to display the actual games. It’s a minor personal preference issue, and some people might not care at all.

The app is impressive with over 160 slots, 12 versions of video poker, three blackjack games, and a single zero roulette table. You can also check your account statement, bonuses, and even deposit and withdrawal right from the app. Having an issue? You are only a couple of taps away from a Live Chat with a trained support rep.

Both the main site and the app have a neat feature at the bottom of all screens which displays a small avatar of the last 10 games you played. Instead of having to navigate a couple of menus, just click the corresponding picture of the game you want and you’ll be back enjoying it in no time.


Caesars offers a toll-free 800 number, four separate email accounts segmented by inquiry type, a Live Chat system, and a robust and helpful FAQ library for all of your support needs.


The Good

  • A ton of slots with good assortment on both the app and the main site.
  • Good variety in the video poker section.
  • Easily link your Total Rewards card so you can earn Tier Credits online and offline.
  • Choose to play silky-smooth software on your browser, or on-the-go with a modern app for both Android and iOS devices.
  • PayPal as a banking option.
  • A couple of different high-dollar deposit options.
  • Good support solutions.

The Bad

  • You’ll have to have to put in serious work to clear your bonus in 7 days.
  • Could use a few more table games on the app.

Caesars Casino Verdict

  • Deposit Bonus 5
  • Promotions 1
  • Game Library 6
  • Support 4

Having such a high profile name in the gaming industry brings high expectations along with it. Caesars does not disappoint in some aspects, like large assortment of games run on state-of-the-art software, but has a long way to go in terms of promotions.

4.0 Fair