Betfair Casino Launches Live Dealer Games in Partnership with Golden Nugget


For the last five months, Golden Nugget Casino (GNC) and its partner, Betfair Casino, have out-earned the competition, thanks in part to the popularity of Golden Nugget’s Live Dealer games. On Wednesday, Betfair launched a Live Dealer offering of its own, becoming the second AC online casino to do so.

Golden Nugget’s Live Dealer tables went live in August of last year and are powered by the Ezugi software platform, a company which specializes in marrying live game mechanics with online betting.

Shared Live Dealer Studio

Instead of creating its Live Dealer option from scratch, Betfair is simply piggybacking off of its partner’s Live Dealer studio, which is located inside the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. In fact, players from both sites will play at the same shared tables, with the exception of one blackjack table, which is available only for Golden Nugget customers.

Currently, Betfair offers two blackjack tables, along with a roulette and baccarat table. Live Dealer games at both sites are open for business from 3 PM – 3 AM seven days a week. Blackjack bets start at $10 and max out at $1,000, while roulette minimums start at $1 and climb to $1,000. The sole baccarat table features a $1 minimum and a $200 maximum.

Bet Behind Feature Solves a Dilemma

With only a handful of tables available, there is a real possibility that games will fill up quickly, leaving some players on the outside looking in. But GNC and Betfair have come up with a clever solution, which has the potential to add even more spice and excitement to the experience. The feature in question, known as Bet Behind, allows patrons to wager on any player at the table, sharing either the losing or winning outcome depending on the decisions the primary player makes.

For those who don’t mind taking a little extra risk, relying on another player in the game can add an extra layer of fun to the affair. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to go in totally blind – the software allows you to choose which player you’d like to partner up with. Just be sure to watch a few hands before you commit to a bettor, lest you put your hard-earned money on the line against someone making big strategy mistakes.

The novel arrangement allows an almost unlimited number of players to have a stake in the game, while giving everyone involved the opportunity to socialize with the dealer or with other players at the table. In fact, some might even prefer the Bet Behind option, which would allow them to sit back and relax while another player makes the tough decisions.

Live Dealer Still in its Infancy

The Live Dealer games at Betfair/Golden Nugget are just the beginning of what the pair has planned for the vertical. In time, the sites will increase the number of game types and the number of tables available.

With its mix of online play and live human interaction, it’s not hard to understand why the format has proven so popular. While competing online casinos will likely be entering the fray sometime in the future, for the moment, Betfair and Golden Nugget have a monopoly on the niche.

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