Loot’EnKhamun Jackpot Slot


The Loot’EnKhamun online slot has been available in New Jersey since the launch of iGaming in the state. The game’s software was originally developed by bwin.party and is currently offered in New Jersey on the Borgata Casino online and mobile platforms. The five-reel ancient Egyptian-themed slot takes players through a classic Egyptian adventure which offers the chance for free spins and one of five progressive jackpots.

How to Play

Loot’EnKhamun includes five reels and three rows of ancient Egyptian-themed symbols with no paylines. The lack of paylines means all ways pay and there are 243 possible ways to win. In fact, symbols pay from left to right in consecutive combinations including the first reel.

The Loot’EnKhamun Logo symbols are wild and substitute for all other symbols except scattered Hieroglyphic symbols. There are five different Hieroglyphics scatter symbols, and finding any three anywhere on the screen will trigger the Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins game.

The game’s Bejeweled Beetle symbols are its highest value, paying out 500 for 5, 50 for 4, and 20 for 3. Pyramid symbols pay 100 for 5, 20 for 4, and 5 for 3 and Mummy Mask symbols pay 25 for 5, 8 for 4, and 2 for 3. Finally, the Anubis Dog Statue symbols pay 15 for 5, 4 for 4, and 1 for 3, with all playing card symbols from ace through nine pay out in descending order.

Loot’EnKhamun’s return to player rate sits around 93.69 per cent and the opportunity to win one of five progressive jackpots is triggered randomly.


Loot’EnKhamun features cartoon-style graphics that create a fun yet realistic ancient Egyptian atmosphere. Despite being a bit dated, and hardly at the level of some of today’s most popular 3D video slots, the graphics and sound aid in Loot’EnKhamun’s infinite playability.

In addition, all of the information in regards to paytables, rules and the size of the five different progressive jackpots are all displayed on the screen. The desert background is not distracting in the least.

Special Features and Symbols

Loot’EnKhamun gets a lot more fun when players get the opportunity to win a huge amount of free spins or one of five different progressive jackpots.

There are five different Hieroglyphics scatter symbols, one for each reel, which are the key to the game’s bonus features.

  • Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins game: Finding any three of the Hieroglyphic scatter symbols anywhere on the screen will trigger the Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins game. Players are taken to a Feature screen where three slabs are displayed in front of a professor character. Pick a slab and the professor jumps onto it. The slab will then either turn gold and reveal a number of free spins or a multiplier, or the professor will fall through and the game will end. Make it to the end without falling through and the player wins all the free spins and multipliers collected. Even if they fall through before the end, players still win the number of free spins and multipliers collected beforehand.
  • The BigOne Jackpot: The BigOne Jackpot actually consists of five different progressive jackpots – The Blitz Cash Jackpot, Quick Cash Jackpot, Super Cash Jackpot, Mega Cash Jackpot, and Colossal Cash Jackpot. All five grow with every bet and can be won randomly, at any time, whether the spin is a winner or not. Keep in mind that bigger bets increase a player’s chance of winning a jackpot. When the jackpot is triggered players are taken to the TheBigOne Jackpot screen, which lists the five different jackpots on the left and shows a color wheel on the right. Clicking the start button will spin the wheel which changes colors until it stops on one corresponding to one of the five jackpots.
    • The BigOne Blitz Cash Jackpot: Land on orange three times or any combination of two or more colors and the player wins the Blitz Cash Jackpot. This jackpot resets to $40.
    • The BigOne Quick Cash Jackpot: Land on red three times and the player wins the Quick Cash Jackpot. This jackpot resets to $200.
    • The BigOne Super Cash Jackpot: Land on blue three times and the player wins the Super Cash Jackpot. This jackpot resets to $750.
    • The BigOne Mega Cash Jackpot: Land on green three times and the player wins the Mega Cash Jackpot. This jackpot resets to $10,000.
    • The BigOne Colossal Cash Jackpot: Land on lavender three times and the player wins the Colossal Cash Jackpot. This jackpot resets to $125,000.

At a Glance

  • Theme: Ancient Egypt
  • Lines: 243 Ways to Win
  • Reels: 5
  • Scatter symbol: Five Hieroglyphic scatter symbols
  • Wild symbol: Loot’EnKhamun Logo symbols
  • Bonus Features: Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins game, The BigOne Jackpot
  • Software:party


Loot’EnKhamun features a classic ancient Egyptian theme and relatively simple game play. While there’s very little new and exciting about the slot, its popularity endures, partly due to the fact a Somerset, NJ, man hit it for $268,032.17 in 2015, a number that remains the largest casino prize in Borgata online gaming history.

Loot’EnKhamun has been struck for five figures numerous times since and remains one of the most popular and enduring online slots in the New Jersey market today.

Marty Derbyshire

Marty Derbyshire has been covering online gambling for various industry media outlets since 2007.