Play SugarHouse To Let Community Determine The Size Of Its Promotional Payouts


Increased play brings repeated chances for a random windfall at Play SugarHouse in November.

The NJ online casino has built up significant enough traffic to justify a community jackpot promotion, so it is running The King Cash’s Jackpot Sweepstakes for the month, rewarding active players the chance to win a slice of potentially mammoth daily and monthly prizepools.

How big of a payout? Well that’s entirely up to the community.

King Cash comes to town

The King Cash’s Jackpot Sweepstakes, which runs from November 1 – 30,  awards a daily sweepstakes entry to all players who accrue enough of the site’s iRush Reward loyalty points in a given day. Higher volume players will also earn a shot at a larger monthly prize pool, and both prize pools grow incrementally as follows:

  • For every 5 iRR points earned in a single day, players receive one entry to the Daily Sweepstakes, uncapped.
  • For every five entries earned in a single day (25 iRR points), $5 in bonus money will be added to jackpot, split between the daily and monthly prize pools.
  • Each day the daily prize pool will be divvied up among 10 random winners and then reset.
  • For every 100 iRR points earned, players will receive an entry to the Monthly Sweepstakes.
  • The monthly pool will be shared by 25 winners.

iRush Reward loyalty points are awarded on a sliding scale based on the expected RTP for the game, requiring a wager of $4.17 for a game with a return of 94%, up to $25 wagered for a game with a return of 99%.

The rate works out roughly to 4 points for every dollar in theoretical loss.  That’s a daily entry awarded for each $1.25 theoretically lost, which is a solid deal considering that the average daily prize pool is already regularly eclipsing $1,000.

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Pros and cons

The main benefit of the King Cash’s Jackpot is the ease of access, as iRush Reward points are earned automatically through normal play. There is no bonus code required.

Also, any points earned during the promotional period will still be applied toward a player’s loyalty ranking. For instance, a player that generates just four Monthly Sweepstakes drawings (400 iRRs) will work their way up to iRush Rewards Tier 3, where they’ll be entitled to Wheel Spin Prizes, Bonus Back Scratch Cards, and Bonus Bingo invitations.

Since the Sweepstakes is a community-based promotion, prize values are very dependent on the amount of activity already present at the casino. Just the fact that Play SugarHouse has rolled out this promo suggests that the site is confident in its player base to build big jackpots. As the operator reaches even further, this promotional vehicle will become even more appealing to players.

On a negative note, higher player volume — while resulting in bigger prize pools — will also decrease the odds of any single entry winning.

Not to mention, the small number of daily and monthly winners only compounds the problem of very high-volume players having a statistical advantage, meaning the chance of casual players winning anything is somewhat poor.

Strategic advice 

As iRush Reward points are earned automatically, there is very little that can be done to improve the player’s advantage.

For low-volume players, concentrating play on particular days is their best bet. Reason being that a player who earns four iRRs a day for 10 days straight will earn zero daily tickets, while one that earns 40 in one day and takes nine days off, will earn eight for that one day.

For hardcore players this will make very little difference, as they’ll be earning iRRs regularly throughout the month. Our best advice for them to play games that require a measure of skill, such as blackjack or video poker, by the book.

It is worth noting that entries to the Monthly Sweepstakes do not appear to be dependent on which day points are earned, only the total for the month. So there is at least a very small chance for a Tier 1 casual player to win a share of the monthly pool without ever earning a chance at the daily pool or contributing to either pool growing.

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