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One of the most well-known brands in sports media history has transitioned into sports betting. Sports Illustrated, yes, that Sports Illustrated, is officially headed to New Jersey with its brand new SI Sportsbook!

As of December 15, 2021, online gaming operator 888 has officially halted all operations surrounding their longstanding NJ sportsboook, 888sport. 888sport will no longer be offering or accepting any wagers after a strategic partnership deal was finalized with Authentic Brands Group in June 2021. ABG is a brand development and marketing company that acquired Sports Illustrated for $110 million in 2019. The partnership between 888 and Sports Illustrated will combine years of bookmaking expertise with an extensive brand footprint that should help to expand their ventures across the United States… to New Jersey, and beyond!

SI Sportsbook NJ bonus offer

SI Sportsbook is currently offering all new, first-time users an exclusive bonus offer. Simply bet $10 and snag $300 instantly!

SI Sportsbook NJ bonus code & details – April 2024

SI Sportsbook NJ Promo CodeComing Soon
New Player BonusBet $10, Get $300!
Bonus ValidApril 2024
Launch DateTBD

How the SI Sportsbook bonus works

Any and all new users can take advantage of this incredible NJ sports betting bonus offer by following a few simple steps. First and foremost, be sure to enter the exclusive NJOG promo code when registering for an account with SI Sportsbook NJ. From there, just place a wager of at least $10 on any sports market of your choice with odds of -200 or less. This means that (+120) or (-175) would qualify for the promotion but (-220) or (-300) would not.

Once your qualifying wager of at least $10 is placed and settled, you’re in! Win or lose, SI Sportsbook will credit your account within 72 hours with $300 in the form of free bet credits. The free bet credits will arrive all at once, showing up as six separate $50 free bets.

A free bet can be placed on anything from a straight bet to a parlay, but only the winnings will be paid out in cash. Players will not receive the free bet stake back at all if a free bet cashes. For example, if a player uses a $50 free bet on a wager with +100 odds, they will receive a payout of $50 in cash. If the same wager was placed with $50 of real money, the player would receive a payout of $100 – covering both the winnings and their original stake.

Lastly and most importantly, all free bet credits issued by SI Sportsbook NJ will expire after two weeks of issuance, so be sure to use them!

What’s to like about SI Sportsbook?

  • Brand Reputation: Sports Illustrated has forever been a household name among sports fans. Players who choose to wager with SI Sportsbook NJ know they are giving their business to a reputable and respectable brand. Furthermore, their collaboration with 888 brings even more experience into the equation, this time from the bookmaking side of things. Overall, players can trust this brand and keep confidence while betting with SI Sportsbook.
  • Competitive Odds: SI Sportsbook offers extremely competitive odds that are on par with all of the other major players. The majority of their lines display standard -110 odds for either side, something that is extremely important in order for players to profit longterm. A lot of sportsbooks will slip extra juice into their lines, making them range anywhere from -115 to -130. Not at SI Sportsbook NJ.
  • BetFeed: One of the coolest, most unique features ever seen on a mobile sports betting app has to be SI Sportsbook’s very own BetFeed. BetFeed is essentially a social media feed for betting, except everything is anonymous! Every single bet placed through SI Sportsbook NJ will appear in this feed, from singles to parlays. BetFeed displays the entire bet, the odds for each selection involved, and how long ago it was placed. The user who placed the bet and the total amount wagered will remain completely anonymous. SI’s BetFeed concept is both extremely creative and innovative, and something that you will not find elsewhere.
  • Bet Recommendations: Similar to the BetFeed, the Recommendations tab showcases all trending wagers currently being placed on SI Sportsbook’s app. The most popular or heavily-bet selections will appear at the top of this page and on the ‘Trending’ tab. Players can check out this area of the app to get some ideas on their next wager, or maybe even use it to fade the public. The possibilities are endless thanks to SI’s creativity.

SI Sportsbook software overview

SI Sportsbook NJ is available just about anywhere in New Jersey at the click of a button. Whether players prefer to do their wagering on a desktop computer or on the go using their mobile device, there is something for everyone when it comes to SI Sportsbook NJ!

Mobile app layout

SI Sportsbook’s mobile app is available to download on both iOS and Android platforms. The app carries over the same classic red color scheme from their website and is backed by black and white detailing that ties everything together quite nicely. Players can navigate the sportsbook by clicking on the dropdown menu located in the upper lefthand corner of the app. From here, players will see all of the following options:

  • Home: The home button can be found in either the dropdown menu or in the first tab at the bottom of the screen at any time. This button will simply return users back to the homepage.
  • Promotions: Similar to the home tab, this function can also be accessed through both the dropdown menu or its own tab at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this option will direct users to the full list of promotions being offering by SI Sportsbook NJ at that time.
  • Live Now: This tab is every bettor’s home for anything involving live bets. Players can access this area of the app to view all of the ongoing action that might’ve already begun before getting a chance to place any bets.
  • Recommendations: As just mentioned above, the Recommendations tab is a unique new feature implemented by SI Sportsbook NJ that allows users to take a look at the trendiest picks currently being placed throughout the app!
  • BetFeed: Also mentioned above, BetFeed is a social media feed for betting that broadcasts every single bet that is placed on SI Sportsbook NJ. The up-to-the-minute feed keeps everything anonymous other than the spread, odds, and team selected!
  • Perfect 10: Perfect 10 is a free contest hosted by SI Sportsbook NJ that involves picking 10 different games against the spread each week. Players who correctly pick all 10 games will win a share of the $10,000 prize pool for that week. Even if they fail to do so, everyone who participates in the contest will receive a $1 free bet per correct spread pick!
  • Sports A-Z: Players can use this tab to view all of the available sports markets being offered by SI Sportsbook.
  • Odds: This switch can be used to toggle between decimal, fractional, or American style odds.
  • State Selector: Use this tab to select which state you wish to play in.

Desktop layout

SI Sportsbook’s desktop layout is a spitting image of the mobile app. The dropdown menu mentioned above will always be exposed on the left side of the screen when using a computer and any pending bets will show up in the bet slip on the right side of the screen. The odds settings and state selector options can be found at the top of the desktop view rather than hidden in the dropdown menu on the mobile app. Other than these few small differences, the two platforms are extremely similar. Functionally, they are identical. Anything that can be done on the mobile app will also be available through a desktop computer.

Players may be asked to download a geolocation software for their computer in order to confirm their location. Geolocation is the process of identifying one’s location by means of digital information and is typically required in order to successfully place any legal wagers in states that accept them. Players who are unable to confirm their computer’s location will be denied access to SI Sportsbook, and any other New Jersey online sportsbook for that matter.

Banking with SI Sportsbook NJ

Banking with a mobile sportsbook has never been easier thanks to SI’s wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Players will get to choose from the best banking options in the business, as SI Sportsbook offers the same quality services used by all of the other major players.

Deposit options

SI Sportsbook covers just about all of the standard deposit options offered by most online sportsbooks and casinos. Players can choose from any of the following deposit options:

  • Bank transfer e-check (ACH): This method requires just a one-time connection between the sportsbook and your online bank account. Once connected, players can freely send money to and from their bank account at the click of a button!
  • Play+ prepaid card: Play+ prepaid cards act as a middle man between the player and their sportsbook. Some banks have restrictions in place that prohibit customers from funding their sports betting accounts using a debit/credit card, so funds are transferred to a Play+ card instead! From there, money can be sent directly into your SI Sportsbook account balance. Play+ will also mail all users a physical card after signing up which can be used to withdraw any winnings out of an ATM.
  • PayPal: Considering it is the most popular e-wallet in the world, there is no question as to why most users prefer PayPal as their go-to banking option. PayPal is essentially a hub for all electronic payments, meaning players can choose between their debit card, credit card, bank account, or just about any other funding source when choosing to deposit via PayPal.
  • Credit/debit card: Despite being one of the more common and popular deposit methods, some banks do implement restrictions that prevent users from making deposits through a debit or credit card. It may end up working, but there is chance players will need to use Play+ or PayPal as a middle man between their card and the sportsbook. Regardless, there’s always a way to use your credit/debit card to get funds to SI Sportsbook.
  • Online banking transfer: This option is very similar to the bank transfer e-check method listed above. The only real difference is that e-check allows withdrawal, while regular online banking transfers will not. Players who wish to withdraw any winnings are better off sticking with e-check when making a deposit through online banking.
  • PayNearMe: Currently the only way to upload cash funds into your account, PayNearMe is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. PayNearMe’s services are typically found at any 7-Eleven retail location and will require players to scan a barcode from the app in order to complete any deposits.

Withdrawal options

Out of all of the deposit methods listed above, only three of them allow for funds to be withdrawn using the same process. Players can withdraw funds and have them sent directly to their bank account using bank transfer e-check. Players can also withdraw winnings through PayPal and send them back to their bank account from there. Any withdrawn funds will typically appear in your PayPal account within the hour, making it by far the fastest withdrawal method on the market. If withdrawing funds from PayPal back into a bank account, it will take the usual 3-5 business days for any money to transfer.

The third and final withdrawal method comes via the Play+ prepaid card. Players will be required to take the physical version of the card and travel to an ATM in order to receive any funds, so it’s probably not the most convenient option. But it is the only option at the moment for those who wish to take out their winnings in cash. If you do not have a bank account available to use, Play+ is your best bet.

Sports markets offered

A sportsbook backed by one of the biggest media entities in sports history is sure to be equipped with a multitude of betting markets. Players who sign up for an account with SI Sportsbook can expect to choose from any of the following sports markets:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

It goes without saying that SI Sportsbook clearly has all of the basics covered. But where they really separate themselves from the rest of the competition is with some of their more unique sports market offerings:

  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • eSports
  • Handball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball

Bet selection at SI Sportsbook NJ

One of the biggest concerns for most new sportsbooks is not having enough variety when it comes to available bets. Luckily for SI Sportsbook NJ, this is not the case. Each and every game listed on SI Sportsbook NJ offers just about everything, from pregame spreads to player props. Players can select a specific game on the main menu in order to view every single bet type being offered for that event. Most events listed will include some variation of the following options:

  • Spread bets
  • Moneyline bets
  • First quarter bets
  • First half bets
  • Totals
  • Player props
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Round Robins
  • Match combos (pre-made parlays)
  • BetBuilder (One Game Parlay)

SI Sportsbook promotions in New Jersey

One of the best ways for a sportsbook to gain an initial customer base is by offering promotions to its users. SI Sportsbook NJ is definitely not light in this department, offering a plethora of different promotions despite still being in its early stages. As always, promotions are subject to change at any time, but here a few examples of some of the best offerings that we’ve seen on SI Sportsbook:

  • Open Season Challenge: Each week, players who cumulatively wager at least $100 on NBA and NHL games will receive a $20 free bet!
  • BetBuilder Bet & Get: Players can earn a quick $5 per sport by placing a $25+ BetBuilder parlay on NFL, NBA, and/or NCAAF.
  • Perfect 10: As previously mentioned above, this free weekly contest rewards players with a $1 free bet per correct spread pick. Players who finish with 10/10 winners will receive a share of the $10,000 weekly prize pool.
  • Three & Win: Players who place and win a $25+ parlay of three legs or more will be rewarded with a $20 free bet.
  • SI Sportsboosts: All of SI’s personally picked odds boosts for that day.

It remains to be seen which promotions listed above will continue into New Jerseey, however it is clear that SI Sportsbook NJ takes care of its customers. Players can look forward to opening their app each day, anticipating the next great promotional offer.

Customer support

Finding any information regarding customer support at SI Sportsbook takes a bit of digging, but it is there. Players can access this area of the app by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the app and clicking on the menu labeled ‘SI Sportsbook.’ From there, select ‘Online Help’ and it will open up a new page filled with FAQs. One of the questions on the FAQs asks about contact information, which revealed the following:

  • Phone Support: (1-833-451-8003) – Available from 8am to 11pm.
  • Live Chat: Accessible through the ‘Cashier’ tab. Available from 8am to 11pm.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Us: SI Sportsbook actually offers a fourth method for contacting customer support. Players can select the big red button labeled ‘Contact Us’ and submit a written request/question.

All of the customer service representatives at SI Sportsbook NJ are extremely courteous, kind, and most importantly helpful. Players who experience any sort of issues while using the app should not hesitate to reach out for customer support.

More about SI Sportsbook

While SI Sportsbook may still be in its early stages of life, the parent company behind the operation is not. The first issue of Sports Illustrated was published back in August of 1954 and has since become a mainstay in American sports media and culture alike.

The original goal for the magazine was to incorporate sports into a printed medium, something that was highly uncommon outside of the newspaper. The magazine struggled for the better part of six years until a Time Inc. correspondent named Andre Laguerre was brought on board. Laguerre was named the managing editor in 1960 and ended up doubling the magazine’s circulation using innovative new tactics. Laguerre is also credited with the invention of SI’s annual Swimsuit Issue, which debuted in 1964.

The new and improved magazine would go on to win multiple National Magazine Awards over the years. SI eventually extended its branches out into spinoffs of the magazine, such as Sports Illustrated Kids and Sports Illustrated Almanac. In 1990, Sports Illustrated became an entity of Time Warner, a merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications. The partnership would last until 2014 when Time Inc. was separated from Time Warner.

Meredith Corporation ended up acquiring Time Inc. in 2017, gaining ownership of Sports Illustrated in the process. Meredith Corporation immediately expressed interest in selling the entity, making a case that it didn’t fit into the same brand lifestyle that they were going for.

On May 27, 2019, Sports Illustrated was sold to Authentic Brands Group for $110 million. They would go on to collaborate with 888 and create what is now known as the SI Sportsbook. This is only the beginning, with a ton of new state expansions on the horizon. Sports fans across the country who grew up with Sports Illustrated will soon be able to carry on the tradition by placing their action with a household name. SI Sportsbook NJ has officially arrived.

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