FastPick is essentially the first gaming product designed to integrate the emerging world of daily fantasy sports (DFS) into the wide array of already well-known offerings at conventional brick-and-mortar casinos. The innovative, user-friendly platform is exclusively available within Resorts International’s 30,000 square foot-plus location in Atlantic City, as well as on Resorts Online Casino and mobile casino NJ application.

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A Unique Twist on DFS

Even within the DFS realm, FastPick is a rather unique entity unto itself. Whereas the majority of DFS products feature salary cap-based contests in which users assemble a roster of players from different teams in a sport’s given slate of games, FastPick’s model is one in which participants make predictions on which athlete in a pre-set head-to-head matchup will score the most fantasy points in that day’s game.

How It Works

The premise and scoring system are simple, enabling sports fans who may have minimal to no experience playing DFS to participate with a very small learning curve. Moreover, the paradigm of wagering on one player’s performance versus another will likely be familiar to sports bettors who have engaged in “player prop” wagers in the past.

As designed, FastPick players will be able to select from a minimum of three matchups up to a maximum of 20 from any given slate of games. Wagers of as little as $5.00 and up to $10,000 per matchup will be allowed, enabling users of virtually any size bankroll to participate.

Currently, FastPick is set to offer contests based on MLB, NFL, NBA and English Premiere League soccer. Contests based on other sports may be added in the future.

Payout Structures

FastPick’s full payout structure is as follows:

FastPick Highlights

  • No salary cap
  • No roster to construct
  • Minimal research into statistics and past performance required
  • No peer-to-peer gameplay; users’ entry fees are pooled as they can play on the same matchups in games guaranteed by the house
  • Straightforward scoring system for each sport
  • Effect of late lineup changes, unexpected playing time reductions and injuries all minimized
  • Wide variety of entry fees

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of pertinent aspects to FastPick’s availability, gameplay and scoring that bear further explanation. With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick FAQ for new players.

What is the minimum age to play FastPick?
All users must be 21 years of age or older to play FastPick.

Can I play FastPick if I am not physically located in New Jersey?
No. Players must be physically within the boundaries of the state to play, whether in person at Resorts’ brick-and-mortar location in Atlantic City or through the casino’s website or mobile application. Geolocation tools are utilized to ensure that those logging on to the latter two platforms are physically within the state at the time.

Does FastPick’s gameplay have any peer-to-peer components?
No, FastPick’s current iteration is strictly based on participants selecting an athlete from a pre-set head-to-head matchup.

What happens in the event that two athletes in a head-to-head matchup accumulate the exact same number of fantasy points?
If players have the same fantasy points in a matchup, they tie, and the matchup is null and void.

What happens if an athlete is a late scratch from a lineup or does not participate in a game despite being active?
If a player has no plays or 0 minutes played, the matchup is null and void.

How is a payout affected when matchups are declared void due to a player’s absence?
If your roster is reduced to three matchups, then the payout will be 5:1. If your roster is reduced to two matchups, roster purchase funds are returned in full. There must be a minimum of three valid matchups to constitute a “live card” on FastPick.

What is the maximum payout for any entry on FastPick?
The maximum amount of payout for any one entry on FastPick is $100,000.

What method(s) of payments does FastPick accept?
Currently, FastPick accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, with more platforms expected to be added soon.

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