Cherrylicious At BetMGM Online Casino Is One Sweet Slot

If you like to gamble when gambling, this is the slot for you, as you can keep doubling your winnings

Cherrylicious sounds like it should be a Bubble Yum flavor and …

Let’s pause for a moment to revel at a pre-Karate Kid Ralph Macchio singing and dancing for Bubble Yum.

But it’s not. It’s an online slot and … holy moly, Leonardo DiCaprio also slung Bubble Yum.

Anyway, the slot: Cherrylicious, from GreenTube, is a fruit-based five-reeler exclusive to the BetMGM casino in New Jersey 

And the Muppets — the Muppets! — also pitched for Bubble Yum.

The slot, though, is pretty fun, all things being equal. And I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get a piece of fruity gum in my mouth in the next five minutes, there are going to be issues.


The facts

This slot pays anywhere from 94.53 to 95.05 on the RTP, and the reason for the spread is because there’s a gambling factor at play in this gamble. We’ll get there in a minute, but first, the basic gameplay.

Three symbols in a row wins you a few coins – this is an inexpensive game to play, with spins as low as a dime and “only” as high as three bucks – but then things can get interesting. After every win, no matter how big or how small, you can “gamble” the winnings by choosing a card, black or red. Get it right, you double up. Get it wrong, you lose. 

From there, the next big thing you’re looking for is getting three (or four, or five) scatter symbols. That unlocks the free spins feature, with three scatters netting you 10 spins, four scatters getting 15 free spins, and five scatters bringing 20 free spins.

During this bonus round, what you’re looking for are cherry symbols, as they each have a cash amount attached to them, anywhere from 2X to 50X the wager. Get three in a row of those — or any symbol — and win some money. But the cash amount attached to the cherries only kicks in if you also get a “cherry pot” symbol. If you do, you win all the money attached to the cherry symbols.

There, too, you can decide to go double or nothing to your heart’s content. You can also gamble your free spins, all the way up to 100 of them.

And if you don’t feel like waiting around for three scatters, for 80X your bet you can buy yourself free spins. The reels will spin and you’re guaranteed to get at least three scatters, though you could get lucky and get all five.

Look and feel

Standard stuff, until you win any amount of money. At that point, it’s a cacophony of sounds, including the ticking of a clock and the sound of coins falling out of a slot machine. This comes along with the “gamble” feature, and it certainly has the effect of speeding up your thought processes. If it’s not encouraging you to go double or nothing, it’s certainly not discouraging you.

Also, when you play the bonus round, the music kicks into something that would feel right at home in Ocean’s 11. That’s the vibe.


The results

Well, I went on tilt at a dime a spin, lost like five bucks, and then said, “To heck with it, I’ll buy the bonus spins for $8.”

I got lucky, got five scatters and 20 free spins, and then got a cherry pot on nearly every spin, netting over $27 for my troubles.

Of course, I kept spinning and got the bonus — without buying it — twice more. But buyer beware: It ain’t all cherries. The next bonus round netted me a mere $1.10, and the third $5.75.

Clearly, you’re playing for the scatters, and if you’re looking for a quick hit of some bonus round action, the $8 (at the bottom, dime-rung) ain’t a bad way to kill a few minutes.

All in all, Cherrylicious is … I want to say “delicious” here, but I will stop myself.


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