Promotions So Hot They’ll Melt A Snowman, Only At Betfair Casino NJ This December

Betfair is serving up a series of mystery promotional offers this December, which NJ online casino players can enjoy from now until Dec. 25.
Hot Winter Promos At Betfair Casino NJ
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Betfair Casino in New Jersey isn’t exactly known for its one-off promotions, instead gaining top-dog industry status through its exclusive game content, VIP program, and industry best welcome package.

So when it does decide to host a multi-week promotional event, it’s bound to be something special.

15 Days of Win-ter Extravaganza is shaping up to be just that: a lucrative series of promotions, spanning from now until Christmas Day, that will pad player bankrolls with bonus cash.

And just in time to pay off those pricey holiday shopping bills.

Betfair’s 15 days of Christmas

From December 11 – 25, Betfair will roll out what we believe to be eight distinct promotions.

Players can view their offers by signing into their accounts, and clicking on the 15 Days of Win-Ter Extravaganza banner from the home page. From there, they’ll be whisked away to the promotional page, where they’ll click the highlighted Christmas tree ball in order to view the past and present promotions. The current offer can also be claimed from this page.

Players will not be able to view future offers, meaning they’ll want to log in regularly in order to see what Betfair has in store.

So far, the promotional periods are:

  • Offer #1: December 11-13
  • Offer #2: December 14-16
  • Offer #3: December 17-18
  • Offer #4: December 19-20
  • Offer #5: December 21-24
  • Offer #6: December 25

Notice that there’s only six offers listed. We’re assuming that either Betfair is cooking up something extra special for the remaining two offers, or that the “8 magical offers” is really just six. We’re hoping for the former.

The first offer is truly “Divine”

So far, we’ve only been able to view the first offer, but it’s a doozy. From now until December 13, players that opt in with the promotional code 50FREE will receive 50 free spins on the popular Divine Fortune slot.

The opt-in code can be entered from the Deposits page. However, it is important to note that players do not have to make a deposit to take advantage of this offer. Simply “Add” the promo code, and they’re golden.

Upon entering the code and opening the Divine Fortune slot, players can start their free rounds immediately. The denomination for the free spins is $0.20, which equates to $10 total in bonus spins. Players will only have one day from the time they opted in to claim the prize.

All winnings from bonus spins will be credited as a bonus that must be wagered on Betfair Casino. Unfortunately, these credits cannot be withdrawn, but any winnings can.

Given this, we might recommend trying to parlay your Divine Fortune winnings on one round of a high-return, low volatility game like Blackjack or Baccarat. These will afford players the best chance of doubling up, and securing funds that can be withdrawn.

More on Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune has proven to be one of the most popular slots on NJ online casinos, and for good reason.

This year alone, it has paid out more than $1 million in total prizes, and awarded more jackpots than any other slot featured in the market. Individual hits have soared well into six-figures, topping out at $271,268 just this August.

The slot also offers plenty of other ways to score big, including two other smaller jackpots, and a free games feature.

Even regular spins can often be lucrative thanks to the Wild feature — every time a Wild lands on one of the reels, players win a free round. The Wilds are semi-persistent, meaning they move down one row for each spin, until they fall off the bottom of the screen. New Wilds can appear on the screen during this feature, and if a Wild lands on an existing Wild, the entire reel becomes Wild.

Based on this, it’s pretty easy to see how the wins can stack up.

That being said, Divine Fortune is a highly volatile game, featuring long stretches of duds. So, it’s likely that players are either going to hit big or not at all.

And by big, we mean gigantic: Players that opt in to the current promotion will be eligible for the grand prize progressive, which is currently hovering right around $30,000.


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