A Wonderful Deal Awaits For Progressive Slot Players At Tropicana/Virgin Online Casinos In NJ


Jackpot slot alert: The progressives for Wonderland (exclusive to Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino) and Deal or No Deal (available only on Virgin Casino) have taken to the skies.

Wonderland’s top prize is currently flirting with six-figures, while Deal or No Deal’s has eclipsed the $100k benchmark and then some, currently boasting a max reward in excess of $120k.

These are currently among the biggest jackpots offered by any online casino site in the New Jersey market, presenting progressive aficionados with an exceedingly high value opportunity.

How to win

Winning a jackpot is technically as easy as firing up the game of your preference, placing real-money wagers, and getting lucky — considerably lucky.

Of course along the path from spin to riches there is considerable fanfare and heart-pumping anticipation involved. Below is a quick glance at how players can score the big one for these two titles.


Wonderland players actually have multiple roads they can traverse toward the progressive.

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The first and only required step is that players must hit three bonus symbols during the base game — the symbols can be scattered. Then they’ll be whisked away to the bonus round, where they’ll win one of four possible bonuses:

  • Croquet: Players will select their opponent and compete in a croquet match. Pick the correct hoops to win rewards and beat your opponent.
  • Mad Tea Party: Straightforward game where players click on teapots to reveal rewards.
  • Painting the Roses: Paint the roses before the Queen takes note. Each painted rose reveals a prize.
  • The Queen’s Court: Pick a card, any…eh, one of two cards. Select the higher card for a bigger payout. Just be sure to fade the Queen, as her unwelcome appearance causes the bonus game to end.

All of these bonuses can reward the progressive, and all have their own nuanced way of doing so. For instance, in The Queen’s Court players that find the Joker before the Queen win the grand prize.

Budget players will be pleased to know that even minimum bets of $1 are eligible for the progressive. And those willing to trade off better odds for a smaller jackpot can opt to play for the game’s secondary progressive, which at the moment is hardly small at all ($34k).

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal — themed after the popular TV game show of the same name — also features two jackpot levels. The first stands at over $18k, with only $1 per-spin ($0.05 per line x 20) players eligible. To have a shot at the grand jackpot (currently $123k) players will have to ante up $4 a spin.

To win the progressive players must first trigger the Deal of No Deal bonus round, accomplished by hitting three scattered bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.

Players familiar with the television program will undoubtedly recognize the bonus format:

  • One of a multitude of briefcases will be chosen at random, containing a cash prize ranging from the paltry ($0.05) to the lavish (jackpot).
  • As players eliminate briefcases from contention they’ll periodically receive offers from the banker.
  • Accept the offer and win the prize. Refute it and continue opening briefcases until only two remain.
  • Accept the banker’s final offer or open your briefcase.

Players hunting for the progressive should never accept the banker’s offer, instead taking their chances with what’s behind the latch of their briefcase.

We’re the first to admit that this bonus round is not for the faint of heart. Not only does it take a few minutes to complete, but the swings are enough to put even the most steady gamblers on edge — mostly in a good way though.

Yes, progressives do hit

Progressives often get a bad wrap, with some players avoiding them because they believe the odds of hitting are effectively zero.

It’s a good thing Kim. S, who last year hit the Wonderland progressive for $197,139, didn’t think that way. And Kim wasn’t the only one to cash in on a six-figure score recently.

Just this month, Divine Fortune on Golden Nugget Casino hit for approximately $115k. And so far this year there have been multiple six-figure hits online.

Progressives, unlike regular slots, offer variable value to the player. What we mean by this is that as the progressive amount rises, the game’s return to player (RTP) becomes more favorable. There’s even a critical point where the expectation of a progressive turns positive. Admittedly, this doesn’t happen often, and when it does it still only benefits players who hit the progressive, but it’s something.

Other big progressives in New Jersey

Tropicana and Virgin aren’t the only sites to sport massive progressives this week. We’ve taken some of the busywork out of the hunt, and identified this week’s best:

Admittedly, we like our odds at Wonderland over any of these since it does appear to have a higher-than-average hit frequency. But there’s no going wrong with any of these plays this week.

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