A Pig-Smashing Good Time This Month At Play SugarHouse In NJ


Play Sugarhouse Casino has launched a new limited-time promotion designed with a “nostalgic” childhood piggy bank theme. Specifically, the old-fashioned ceramic type that offered no way to retrieve one’s money and had to be broken open with a hammer, despite the fact that far too many New Jersey online gamblers are too young to have actually owned such a toy.

Cutsy theme aside, this multifaceted Play Sugarhouse promotion, entitled “Smash the Pig” actually has quite a bit going for it, and is accessible enough that recreational players will stand a decent chance of cashing in.

Multiple levels of complexity

The prizes in Smash the Pig, are earned by destroying virtual piggy banks, which only happens after filling them with coins earned from scratch-off tickets.

The tickets themselves are awarded for earning scaling amounts of iRush Reward points, Play SugarHouse’s loyalty tracker, in a single day. And the coin amounts are randomized.

At first this seems overly complicated, but the ease-of-participation is high. Simply play your favorite game enough to earn copious iRR points, and then cross your fingers over the results.

Rewards grow as pigs are smashed

For every 20 iRR points earned in a day players receive a scratch card, up to five a day. For every hundred points after that they receive a golden scratch card, up to a maximum of ten cards (five regular and five golden) for earning 600 points in a day. Scratch cards can reward coins to fill the piggy bank or instant prizes, and the golden ones have a chance of automatically completing the current piggy.

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$250 Bonus

  • 100% Bonus up to $250
  • 1X Playthrough on All Bonuses
  • More Than 500 Games

Ok so how much play does it require to earn 600 iRRs in one day? Quite a bit, but certainly not an overwhelming amount.

Keep in mind that iRR points are scaled to the RTP of each game, such that if a player is using a perfect strategy, points will get earned at a rate of about 4 per each $1 in theoretical loss. So for a typical slot with an RTP of 95%, the player would have to wager $3,000 daily to max out their scratch cards — more on games with higher returns, and less on those with poorer returns.

Destroying the bank requires progressively large amounts of coins (starting at 100 and scaling up to 750), but upon each completion the player will earn $1 in bonus money for every 10 coins needed for that pig. Thus, after completing the sixth and final piggy bank the player will have earned $195 in bonuses. These bonus prizes must only be played through 1X to unlock (but only via online slots or video poker.)

Breakdown as follows:

  • Piggy Bank 1: Earn 100 coins and win $10 in bonus money
  • Piggy Bank 2: 150 coins, $15 bonus
  • Piggy Bank 3: 200 coins, $20 bonus
  • Piggy Bank 4: 250 coins, $25 bonus
  • Piggy Bank 5: 500 coins, $50 bonus
  • Piggy Bank 6: 750 coins, $75 bonus

Additionally, at the end of the promotional period grand prizes will be awarded to all players that managed to smash all six piggy banks, with increased rewards for those who completed the objective the fastest. Top spot will win an additional $2,500 in bonus money, but all grand prize recipients will receive at least $150.

Grand prize reward matrix

  • 1st place: $2,500 bonus
  • 2nd: $2,000 bonus
  • 3rd: $1,500 bonus
  • 4th: $1,000 bonus
  • 5th – 7th: $500 bonus
  • 8th – 10th: $250 bonus
  • 11th+: $150 bonus

From this table, we gather that Play SugarHouse will pay out a minimum of $9,250 to those who smash all six piggies, and possibly much more should dozens (hundreds?) of players complete the mission.


This promotion appears fairly well-balanced. Budget players will be able to easily earn a few scratch cards each day, giving them at least a solid chance at scoring some bonuses and a $150 endgame reward. Mid- and hard-core players will easily hit the 600 iRR daily threshold needed to max out their big money opportunities.

We also appreciate the fact that there is a fair amount of randomness built into the promotion, enough so that the heaviest volume players are favored, but not guaranteed, to win a top prize.

Completing every bank will result in a minimum of at least $345 in bonus money, not counting whatever other instant prizes are earned from the scratch-offs along the way, and the other tier bonuses from reaching a higher iRush Reward levels. That’s a fairly enticing package for simply asking players to do what they’d probably do anyway: play their favorite games.

Smash the Pig runs from February 8th to the 21st.

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