PokerStars NJ’s Second Annual NJSCOOP Begins May 6

2017 PokerStars NJSCOOP
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PokerStars NJ is gearing up to host the second annual New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) beginning May 6.

This year’s NJSCOOP will run through May 22 with a total guaranteed prize pool of more than $1.2 million across a 70-event schedule.

The series features High and Low buy-in levels for 35 tournaments culminating in a $500 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (High) with a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool and a $50 Main Event (Low) with a $30,000 guarantee.

How to Qualify

PokerStars is offering a number of ways players can qualify for the Main Event, including:

  • Special Spin & Go tournaments awarding Main Event (High) seats for just $4
  • The Main Event Freeroll Challenge where players can win a Main Event seat through weekly freerolls
  • $8,000 in free ticket giveaways to satellites for the Main Event

Satellites are also running for events throughout the schedule with buy-ins starting at $0.50.

2016 Refresh

The inaugural NJSCOOP saw 27 events with Low and High buy-ins that came with a little over $1 million in guaranteed prize pools. The $500 Main Event featured a small overlay as the 392 total entries failed to match what was need for the event’s $200,000 guarantee.

A player going by the screen name pwrdbysteam ended up winning the title and $38,380.

2017 NJSCOOP Schedule

Highlights of this year’s NJSCOOP schedule include Event #3, a Sunday Special $300 buy-in tournament with an $85,000 guarantee, and Event #18, a Sunday Special $350 tournament with a $65,000 guarantee.

Event #21 is a $300 4-Max event that comes with a $40,000 guarantee and the highest buy-in tournament on the schedule is the $1,000 High Roller 6-Max Event #24, featuring an $85,000 guarantee.

The Main Events are the only two-day tournaments in the series. The schedule also includes a total of ten non-hold’em tournaments at each of the High and Low buy in levels.

Here’s the full 2017 NJSCOOP Schedule:

NLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Warm-Up]05/06/201718:00$100$15,000
NLHE [NJSCOOP Warm-Up]05/06/201718:00$10$3,500
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/07/201715:30$150$25,000
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/07/201715:30$20$7,500
NLHE [Sunday Special SE]05/07/201717:00$300$85,000
PL Omaha [6-Max]05/07/201719:00$100$15,000
PL Omaha [6-Max]05/07/201719:00$20$5,000
NLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]05/07/201722:00$150$15,000
NLHE [Hyper-Turbo]05/07/201722:00$20$5,000
NLHE [Win The Button]05/08/201718:00$200$20,000
NLHE [Win The Button]05/08/201718:00$25$4,000
NLHE [Shootout, 6-Max, Turbo]05/08/201720:00$100$10,000
NLHE [Shootout, 6-Max, Turbo]05/08/201720:00$20$3,500
NLHE [1R1A]05/09/201718:00$100$20,000
NLHE [1R1A]05/09/201718:00$10$5,000
NLHE [Heads-Up]05/09/201719:00$300$20,000
NLHE [Heads-Up]05/09/201719:00$30$3,500
Eight Game [6-Max]05/10/201718:00$500$18,000
Eight Game [6-Max]05/10/201718:00$50$8,000
NLHE [Bubble Rush]05/10/201719:00$200$15,000
NLHE [Bubble Rush]05/10/201719:00$20$5,000
NLHE [6-Max, Rebuy]05/11/201718:00$50$20,000
NLHE [6-Max, Rebuy]05/11/201718:00$10$10,000
PL Omaha [8-max, Win The Button]05/11/201719:00$200$15,000
PL Omaha [8-max, Win The Button]05/11/201719:00$30$4,000
NLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]05/12/201721:00$200$20,000
NLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]05/12/201721:00$25$3,500
NLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]05/13/201717:00$100$20,000
NLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]05/13/201717:00$20$8,500
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/14/201716:30$150$15,000
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/14/201716:30$15$3,500
NLHE [Sunday Special SE]05/14/201718:00$350$65,000
PL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]05/14/201720:00$100$12,000
PL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]05/14/201720:00$15$3,000
NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]05/14/201722:00$300$25,000
NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]05/14/201722:00$30$7,500
NLHE [4-Max]05/15/201718:00$300$40,000
NLHE [4-Max]05/15/201718:00$20$8,000
PLO8 [Rebuy, 8-Max]05/15/201720:00$75$15,000
PLO8 [Rebuy, 8-Max]05/15/201720:00$10$4,000
NLHE High Roller [6-Max]05/16/201719:00$1,000$85,000
NLHE High Roller [6-Max]05/16/201719:00$100$35,000
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/17/201719:00$200$20,000
NLHE [Progressive SuperKO]05/17/201719:00$20$5,000
PL Omaha [Progressive SuperKO]05/18/201718:00$100$7,000
PL Omaha [Progressive SuperKO]05/18/201718:00$20$3,500
NLHE [BigStack Turbo]05/19/201720:00$150$12,000
NLHE [BigStack Turbo]05/19/201720:00$25$4,000
Stud Hi/Lo [8-Max]05/20/201719:00$200$8,000
Stud Hi/Lo [8-Max]05/20/201719:00$25$2,500
NLHE [3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy]05/20/201721:00$50$10,000
NLHE [3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy]05/20/201721:00$10$3,500
Mixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive SuperKO]05/21/201714:00$200$12,500
Mixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive SuperKO]05/21/201714:00$25$4,000
NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]05/21/201717:00$500$200,000
NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]05/21/201717:00$50$30,000
PL Omaha [1R1A, 6-Max]05/21/201720:00$150$12,500
PL Omaha [1R1A, 6-Max]05/21/201720:00$15$3,500
NLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]05/21/201722:00$75$10,000
NLHE [Hyper-Turbo]05/21/201722:00$15$3,000
NLHE [Deep, Hyper-Turbo]05/22/201721:00$150$15,000
NLHE [Deep, Hyper-Turbo]05/22/201721:00$20$4,000
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