New Jersey Online Casinos: The Best Exclusive Games You Need To Be Playing Right Now

Exclusive games are something of a rare breed in the NJ online casino industry, but of the ones that do exist, they tend to be some of the most provocative games on the market. Here's a look at the very best.
Best Exclusive Games NJ Online Casinos
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As the field of online casinos in New Jersey continues to grow in number and as those individual sites develop larger game libraries, the selection of options for Garden State gamblers becomes increasingly more robust.

While most popular games get licensed by the software providers to many different operators, every casino has its own selection of exclusives to call its own. After careful analysis a handful of these games stood out above the rest, and deserve a moment of examination into what makes each of them special.

Best Exclusive Progressive Slot: Wonderland

Tropicana Casino/Virgin Casino

Reason- Biggest frequently hitting jackpot

While many online casinos in New Jersey focus their progressive jackpot love on the deservedly popular Divine Fortune, sister sites Tropicana and Virgin instead put their attention on the unique Wonderland slot. This Alice-themed game offers no free spins but multiple types of Bonus Game activities often results in huge and occasionally massive payouts.

While there have been larger giant jackpots (no one comes close to the Big Series at Borgata Casino) Wonderland consistently climbs back to six figures in a short time, and also nicely dovetails into the ubiquitous sweepstakes promotions on both sites that offer entries for enough play on any game.

Best Exclusive BlackJack: Single Deck Blackjack

Tropicana Casino/Virgin Casino

Reason- Incredibly good odds

Tropicana and Virgin also boast by far the best online blackjack game in NJ. In addition to the small shoe improving your odds, this variant also allows the player to hit split Aces, a rarely permitted option online. The game ultimately awards a return percentage of 99.87%, far above any other Blackjack offering.

Definitely do not confuse this game with the Single Deck Blackjack at PlaySugarHouse, which thanks to the 6:5 payout is one of the worst Blackjack games in the state with a return of 98.74%.

Best Exclusive Roulette: French Roulette – High Limit

Harrah’s Online Casino/888casino

Reason- The most forgiving rules

It is widely known but always bears repeating that American Roulette should always be avoided. The green 00 is an unnecessary punishment that serves only to cruelly torment roulette fans.

While there are a number of European Roulette options in New Jersey’s online casinos, for those that are willing to accept a minimum bet of $5 the French Roulette available at Harrah’s and 888 offers exceptionally better odds thanks to the La Partage Rule. This uniquely French rule returns half your loss on even money bets if the ball lands on 0, cutting the house edge down significantly.

Best Exclusive Other Table Game: Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Borgata network

Reason- Low volatility and poker theme

In this case it’s unclear if Borgata Casino and Party Casino deserve extra credit for including this popular casino game or if all other competitors deserver scorn for its omission.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a standard table game that simulates part of the poker experience played one-on-one against a dealer. Bets are made to ante, and optionally again on the flop, turn, and river.

The strategy is challenging and gameplay is fun, but generally it is considered a pretty bad game in Atlantic City since there is a high threshold for winning —  flop, turn, and river bets pay even money if you beat the dealer, but the ante bet only pays if you have at least a flush.

Fortunately, the online version of the game is played with the Las Vegas rules, where ante bets pay off on a straight. This lowers the house edge to only around 2%, far better than the 5.6% edge under Atlantic City rules. And while Borgata has many video poker games that offer a better return percentage, Texas Hold’em Bonus more closely feels like real poker play.

Best Exclusive Live Dealer Game: Live Casino Floor Roulette

Golden Nugget Casino

Reason- Evolution in live game experience

Live Dealer games nearly count as an exclusive in and of themselves, as only Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino  (and recently and rather sneakily also Borgata) offer them.

However, the newest Live game to arrive is unique to Golden Nugget. Live Casino Floor Roulette stands out as a somehow “realer” experience. The game allows for a more immersive illusion, which is really the entire point of the Live Dealer offerings in the first place.

As an added bonus, there is a $1 minimum bet, lower than in the actual brick-and-mortar Golden Nugget.

Most Unique Exclusive: Colossus Frac/pot

Betfair Casino

Reason- Its unusual jackpot mechanism

This jackpot slot offered by Betfair has a feature otherwise unknown in online slots: on a lucky spin that triggers Colossus Frac/pot‘s only Bonus Game you unlock a singular Frac/pot option that gives you a choice between safely cashing out with a partial jackpot or betting the windfall for a possible bigger win. This option can then be potentially repeated multiple times to win an even bigger bonus.

While it’s not the only exclusive jackpot slot at Betfair – the progressive Medieval Gold is also worth a spin – Colossus is by far the only slot that offers this unique extra gameplay.

Most Noteworthy Exclusive Slot: Dancing Drums

Golden Nugget Casino

Reason- Popular land-based slot and a successful sequel

With the incredibly huge library of popular standard slots that exists in NJ, it’s very difficult for any to stand out. However one recent new slot available only at Golden Nugget managed to do so.

Since being introduced to brick-and-mortar casinos last year Dancing Drums quickly became a very popular slot machine. What works best in real-world games doesn’t always translate to a good online experience, but in this case the unique win structure (eschewing normal paylines) and frequent jackpots and bonus spins make this slot a great online choice.

It’s also particularly impressive, as the game is a follow-up in the same series as the incredibly popular 88 Fortunes. Sequels to good games often disappoint and are forgotten, but this slot lives up to its pedigree, particularly for mobile players who can better take advantage of the game’s vertical layout.

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