Growing Popularity Spurs Yet Another Expansion To Live Dealer NJ Tables


Golden Nugget Casino and Betfair Casino have once again increased the weekend availability of their Live Dealer offerings as the feature continues to attract more interest from blackJack players.

Even more access to Live Dealer games

Previously only active after 3 p.m, Golden Nugget and Betfair will now be offering access to some of the Live Dealer tables starting at 12 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays.

The operators have clearly determined that there is enough interest in the tables earlier in the day, at least on weekends, though not all the possible Live Dealer games will prove viable.

It is certain, at least, that Live Dealer BlackJack at both the standard ($10 – $1,000) and high betting limits ($20 – $2,000) have demonstrated the necessary level of traffic.

Weekday hours and hours for Live Dealer Roulette and Baccarat will remain the same, for now.

Live Dealer swells in popularity

Live Dealer games fill a particular niche at NJ online casinos, allowing players to simulate the game rhythm and social atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino. The charismatic dealers, well deserving of their tips, make the experience much more appealing to players growing bored with digital simulations. This has caused a rapid increase in the feature, resulting in multiple expansions to the tables already.

These tables, launched first on Golden Nugget before also becoming available at Betfair, originally offered play for a much more limited daily period. Traffic has grown quickly, with the operators extending the hours several times, and also adding more blackjack tables during peak hours, as well as Multiview Roulette.

Future expansions to Live Dealer games

Should the Live Dealer feature prove successful enough at the earlier hours, it is conceivable that at least one or two tables could begin to run on the same 12 p.m. – 3 a.m. schedule on weekdays that’s now featured on weekends.

Alternately, if demand swells during the prime time hours, we instead might see the addition of more tables open for a limited time each day. However, this particular option will probably not be necessary if Betfair and Golden Nugget manage to finish rolling out their long-awaited Bet Behind feature. The ability to participate as an observer at an already full table will be far more effective at alleviating overcrowding without the expense of setting up another dealer.

On the other hand, Bet Behind is unlikely to remove the need for the current prime-hours tables as there may be no substitution for individual attention from the dealers. Social aspects are one of the biggest draws of Live Dealer, and they have gone a long way toward attracting players that had previously been brick & mortar players exclusively.

It remains to be seen when exactly Bet Behind is going to be fully ready.

Moving even further, it wouldn’t shock if operators implemented entirely new Live Dealer games. Casino Hold’em and Dream Catcher (essentially the Big Wheel) are exceedingly popular in Europe, and could easily find a home on New Jersey sites.

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