Golden Nugget Casino In NJ Is Circling The World With This June Promo


Golden Nugget Casino has turned another page of the calendar, and another new monthly race promotion has begun.

Following up on last month’s “Everyone’s A Winner”, the June $No Limit$ leaderboard promo adds a little spice to the mix, via a travel themed mission. Players completing the mission will experience an adventure around the virtual world (without ever leaving New Jersey), and can collect up $1,000 in bonus cash in the process.

This, on top of their normal leaderboard bonus, worth up to $5,000.

Traveling the globe

As this is a standard month there will be a total pool of $25,000 in prize money in addition to progress on the Half-Million Dollar Yearly Race leaderboard.

However, unique to June is the Virtual Passport, a side mission that can result in an additional bonus money prize ranging from $10 – $1,000.

How it works is simple. Twice each week a specific game will be featured tied to a specific world location. For instance, from June 4th through 7th the location is South America and the featured game is the slot machine Gonzo’s Quest: The Search for Eldorado.

Players will earn points based on the amount of money wagered on the featured game, and if they claim the maximum 500 points for that game they will get their passport stamped for that location. The greater the number of stamps in the passport the higher the bonus prize. The top prize will require 9 location stamps, or 4,500 points earned.

If all that seems too complicated to understand, simply remember to play the featured game as much as possible on those days and enjoy the results.  But be warned, the wagering requirements for points increases with the number of the location, $120,000 in bets is necessary to complete the full passport, as follows:

  • First six destinations: $20 per point
  • Seventh destination: $30 per point
  • Eighth destination: $40 per point
  • Final destination: $50 per point


Participation in the standard monthly event is as easy as usual:

Opting in

Players can always opt in to the monthly race by selecting the offer from their Available Bonuses and then depositing $20 in their Golden Nugget accounts. From that point on your activity is tracked for the leaderboard.

How to score

Golden Points are earned based on your activity on the website, with many opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the month. 10 points are earned for every day you make a real-money wager, and depositing $50 or more can net you 20 points, or 40 points if the deposit is over $100. You also accrue 5 points for every $100 bet on slots, and 1 point for every $100 on any other game.

Besides wagers and deposits, extra points are available through the Weekly Points Mission you can opt into beyond the main promotion. The mission types vary, but often are worth an extra 20-100 points for completing a simple objective so they represent an effective way to climb the ranks faster. All points will be tracked on the monthly and yearly leaderboards with the highest performing players reaping big rewards at the end of the month/year.

On top of this Golden Nugget also offers a Weekly Coins Mission that can earn you another bonus money prize from a Weekly Leaderboard.

Closing out the first half of the year

Much like the April promotion which was themed around a trip to Venice, the nature of this month’s race ties in nicely to the second and third place prizes for the year-long competition, which are the Live the Dream package (luxury trip to a Houston-based sporting event and a bevy of extras) and the Year of Fine dining.

For players that haven’t been active in the Golden Nugget races so far this year, it can be intimidating to try to catch up. The top three players on the yearly leaderboard currently all hover around 300,000 points earned over the first five months.

Admittedly, this is a daunting amount, but it’s not impossible to catch up as in the later months of the year points count extra: starting in August points are doubled, and in December they will be tripled. Also, any upcoming month could turn out to be a Mystery Month, in which the monthly prize pool starts at $50,000 instead of the usual $25,000.

In any case, June’s version of the monthly race has the added benefit of the passport bonus prize in addition to the usual weekly coin bonus, so there areample other opportunities for extra winnings even if one doesn’t aim to compete in the full year competition.

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