Want To Freeroll an NJ Sportsbook (And Possibly Then Some) This Week? Here’s How


Money back on losing wagers is the hallmark of a solid sports betting promotion. But what if we told you there were promotions running this week where you’ll probably be able to score a bonus that’s larger than your upfront investment, regardless of whether your horse wins or loses the race?

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not, as that is exactly what FanDuel is planning this week to celebrate the tip-off of the 2018-’19 NBA Season, with not one, but two promotions that are absolute no-brainers for value seekers.

From beyond the arc

Bettors will only have to wait until the second game of the NBA Season to start making value plays, as the book’s first promo is tied to tonight’s Oklahoma City Thunder v. Golden State Warriors matchup. The promo is centered around what these two teams, and really just about every NBA team these days, likes to do best, and that’s hurl threes.

In order to opt-in to the 3-Point Bonus, players must place a pre-live moneyline bet of $25 or more on either OKC or the defending champs. Then, for every 3-pointer your team makes throughout the game, your account will be awarded with a $5 site credit. It’s a simple as that.

For perspective on how much this promotion is worth, both teams averaged roughly 29 3-point attempts and 11 makes last season. Just based on that, bettors are going to average a $55 bonus on a $25 wager. Should Stephen Curry (who won’t be suspended for the opener), Klay Thompson, or Paul George get the hot-hand, then sky’s the limit.

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There are a couple of caveats tied to the promo that deflate it slightly, but not too much. First off, it looks like FanDuel isn’t obligated to issue the bonus credit for up to 72 hours after the game concludes (we think it will be sooner). And secondly, bettors cannot use their bonus funds to bet on favorites with lines shorter than or equal to -200, so no taking the Rams money line against the woeful 49ers next Sunday.

The money line on this game is absolutely nuts, with the home 11.5-point favorite Warriors currently going off at -750 on the site (OKC is +540). Still, we can’t help but want to choose the defending champs, simply because the team that scores more points (and we believe the Warriors will win handily) generally scores more threes.

It’s good to be King

Anyone with even a passing interest in basketball will be tuning in when LeBron James suits up for the first time as a Laker. Yes, James has taken his talents to Los Angeles, where he’ll be debuting on the road against the Portland Trail Blazers this Thursday.

To celebrate, the site has cooked up a promotion based solely around the scoring performance of the King. Entitled “When The King Scores You Score,” this promo awards a $3 bonus for every point James scores in his inaugural game with the Lakers. In order to qualify, players will have to place a minimum $50 money line bet on the Lakers to win. The road Lakers are actually a slight dog for this game, coming in at +124 v. -146 for the Trail Blazers (-3). But we view this game as a pretty close matchup, and with LeBron looking to impress in his debut, anything can happen.

And if the Lakers lose, no big deal. All LeBron has to do is score 17 measly points in order for players to come out ahead of their $50 investment. Last season with the Cavs, the King averaged 27.5 points, and given his supporting cast in 2018-’19, it wouldn’t surprise if he surpassed that number. We even believe that he’s a very solid bet for MVP consideration, pending the Lakers exceed their projected win total of 48.5 wins.

As is the case with the 3-Point Bonus promo, players will be issued their site credit within 72 hours of the game’s end, and can only bet it on favorites with lines shorter than or equal to -200.

One more…

There is one more interesting promotion on tap, although it only offers players a 100% freeroll opportunity. Those brazen enough to place a pre-live money line wager on the Knicks or the Nets in their 2018 season openers will receive an up-to-$100 refund if their wager loses.

Given what our hometown heroes look like this year, it’s a pretty safe bet that players who participate in NBA Local Locks are going to win the site credit. Then again, the Knicks are playing the lowly Atlanta Hawks at home, and will go off at -156. The road Nets, on the other hand, will be solid dogs against the Detroit Pistons at +178.

Do what you want with this one, but if you’re looking at the promotion solely in terms of expected value, then it’s always better to bet the team with the longer odds, or in this case, the Nets. But no one will fault you for wagering with the Knicks, who are playing a team with a projected league-worst 23 wins (compared to a whopping 28.5 wins projected for the Knicks).

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