Isn’t It Divine? Golden Nugget Casino Pays Out Biggest NJ Online Casino Jackpot Of The Year


For the fourth time in two months, a NJ online casino player has scored a life changing payout.

Back in late June it was Tropicana Casino making headlines, when it paid out a $197,139 jackpot on its exclusive Wonderland slot. At the time, the payout took top honors as the industry’s largest of 2017.

But now, Golden Nugget Casino has upped the ante even further, via last week’s $271,268.06 jackpot on the screamingly popular Divine Fortune terminal. The recent jackpot follows on the heels of Golden Nugget awarding two $200k+ scores earlier this month. Remarkably, those jackpots hit within hours of one another.

The jackpot is not only the biggest won by any NJ online casino patron this year, but it marks the second time Golden Nugget has awarded a six-figure payout on Divine Fortune since May.

A divine turnout

Divine Fortune, by premium gaming supplier NetEnt, is one of the few progressive slot machines to appear on multiple NJ online casino sites. But nowhere does the game’s mega jackpot climb faster than it does on Golden Nugget Casino.

It was a player by the name of Susan that was the lucky beneficiary of the game’s most bloated jackpot to date. The jackpot was won during the game’s Jackpot Bonus Game feature, which is triggered when three or more Bonus coins are collected in the main game.

Part of the allure of Divine Fortune is that Bonus coins do not all have to appear onscreen all at once. That’s because as long as players are showing a Wild symbol on any reel, they’ll trigger a re-spin, during which time, any accumulated Bonus coins will rollover.

Better yet, thanks to the title’s Falling Wild Re-Spins feature, Wilds are not automatically removed from the screen after a spin. Instead, they simply shift down one position. And if a Wild symbol lands on an existing Wild symbol, the Wild will be expanded to cover the entire row — guaranteeing at least three more re-spins.

Suffice it to say, there are instances when players have 5, 10, or even 20 spins to gather the three Bonus coins.

Once the Jackpot Bonus Game is triggered, it’s off to the races. Feature winners are whisked away to a new 5 x 3 grid which is initially filled with any accumulated Bonus coins, with each one randomly assigned a prize multiple of up to 200x the player’s bet. The grid is reminiscent of the one favored by games such as Happy Lantern, which is a fan favorite at Golden Nugget AC.

Then, players have three spins to gather more Bonus coins, and subsequently more payouts. Each time an additional coin lands the number of remaining free spins is reset to three.

Players that complete full rows will win additional prizes, according to the following prize matrix:

  • One row: Minor Jackpot of 20x the player’s bet
  • Two rows: Major Jackpot of 100x the player’s bet
  • Three rows: Mega progressive jackpot

Susan was lucky enough to fill in every slot, resulting in her mammoth win.

More big jackpots an inevitability on Golden Nugget Casino

Going forward, six-figure scores on Golden Nugget Casino should hardly prove a novelty. Already, the top prize for Divine Fortune is up to nearly $83k, and is expected to eclipse the $100,000 barrier in relatively short order.

The reason the jackpot is surging so quickly is because Golden Nugget Casino is among the most popular NJ online casinos in the industry, and Divine Fortune one of its prominently featured titles.

Put simply, the more people that play a progressive slot, the faster the jackpot grows. That’s because a portion of each player’s bet is allocated toward the jackpot fund.

What’s particularly nice about Divine Fortune, is that the base return-to-player is set at 96.6%, which is extraordinarily high for a progressive slot terminal. As that jackpot grows, the return will inch higher and higher, eventually tipping over the 100% threshold and providing an excellent opportunity to players.

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