NJ Online Craps – Complete 2020 Guide

An ancient dice-based game of chance, craps has always been popular in Atlantic City’s live gambling establishments. Lately, it has made its way into the online gambling realm as well, thanks to five of the state’s 14 licensed online casinos, which give Garden State gamblers the chance to finally play the game in a regulated environment.

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Why Choose Online Craps?

When licensed and regulated, online craps does indeed offer a number of rather significant advantages over its live, brick-and-mortar casino counterpart.

To begin with, the game offers perfect top-down visibility. Players don’t have to push and shove their way around the table to have their bets placed and to see what’s going on.

Speed and Web Features

The fact that online craps is web-based provides operators the opportunity to offer some features which live casinos cannot. For example, some online craps tables allow players to adjust the table settings to speed up the action or to slow it down. What’s more, some versions let players skip the simulated roll of the dice altogether, jumping straight to the result of the roll.

Making heads and tails of player bet amounts and payouts is a non-factor online too. The software completes every needed calculation right down to the last decimal, in the blink of an eye.

Affordable Wager Limits

The biggest advantage of the online version of the game, however, lies in its affordability. Due to additional costs incurred on personnel and on the physical equipment needed to play the game – not to mention the valuable space taken up on the casino floor – live craps operators simply have to feature larger minimums on their games. In an online casino on the other hand, the minimum can be as low as $0.50 – as it is at Virgin/Tropicana’s online craps tables.

Online Craps Basics

While the numerous craps betting options available may seem intimidating at first glance, the rules by which the game is played are rather simple. First and foremost, the course of action during a roll is determined by the bet-type one chooses.

Pass Line Bets

The Pass Line bet is the most popular in craps. It can be placed when the game is “off”, before the come out roll. If the come out roll is 7 or 11, the Pass Line pays even money. If craps is rolled (2, 3 or 12), the bet is a loser. If any other number comes up, it becomes the point and the game is “on”. From here on out, the player wins if the point comes up before a 7, and loses if a 7 comes up before the point. If another result comes up, the game remains “on” and another roll follows, until the bet gets settled.

Don’t Pass Bets

The Don’t Pass bet is more or less the opposite of the Pass Line. It too can be placed when the game is “off”, and on the come out roll, it wins if the result is 2 or 3. It loses on 7 and 11, and on 12, it pushes.

After a point is rolled, the player wins if a 7 comes up before the point and loses if the point comes up first.

Come and Don’t Come Bets

The Come and Don’t Come bets are the same as the Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets, with the difference that they can be placed when the game is “on”.

Odds Bets

The Odds bets are based on the Pass Line/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets too, though they can only be placed once the point has been set. These bets can be removed after every roll.

There are of course scores of other betting options, like the Field bets, the Place to Win and Place to Lose bets, the Buy and Lay bets, the Any 7 bet, the Craps- the Horn- and the Hard Way bets.


Playing the game is as simple as buying credits, and then clicking on the chip denominations you want to use as your wager. Clicking on the table, in the section corresponding to the bet-type one intends to make, will essentially launch the wager. The game is played with two dice, the sum of which makes up the result which players attempt to predict. Clicking the “Roll” button will effectively launch the roll and get the action underway.


While the game’s rules are mostly the same across NJ’s online craps tables, there are four different craps software providers operating in the state. We have the Gamesys variant (Tropicana and Virgin), the NYX one (Pala), the Amaya version and the Craps Pro offering.

Licensed New Jersey Online Craps Operators

Currently, the following seven licensed New Jersey online gambling operators offer craps games:

Although craps would theoretically work just as well on mobile, unfortunately, none of the above online casinos have included the option in their mobile apps.

Demo Play

Some of the aforementioned casinos feature handy demo versions for their craps games as well, through which would-be players can gain a peek into exactly how the game works and what they can expect once they register a real money account.

One such operator is Virgin Casino, whose online craps demo lets players access every feature of the full game, without the need to sign up an account. While the software does actually allow players to use chip denominations as small as $0.10, the minimum bet is $0.50.

Graphics and Special Features

From a visual perspective, all the featured games are smooth, easy on the eyes and easy to understand. Virgin’s version comes with an “Instant” button, which eliminates the simulated rolls, a “Remove” button, which makes it possible for players to take chips back from the table (whenever allowed by the rules), as well as a “Game Rules” section, where all the possible bets and rules are described in detail. The Settings panel allows the on/off toggling of Music, Voice Over and Sound Effects.

Borgata’s version of the game looks slightly different, but the table layout is essentially the same, as are the rules by which the game is played.

Simple Tips for Winning Online Craps

While there aren’t any strategies that players can employ to actively influence the craps odds in their favor, they can put themselves in the best spot possible by sticking to bets with the smallest house edge.

Another measure players can take to maximize their payouts is to take advantage of the bonuses offered by regulated online casino operators. The bad news in this regard is however that most casinos do not accept bonus redemption on craps, due to the small house edges involved.