You Still Can’t Pump Your Own Gas In New Jersey, But Caesars Might Buy You Some

The sportsbook promotion doesn't involve much, and hundreds of winners will receive $100 gas cards
gas pump

There may not be another state in the union that takes its gasoline as seriously as New Jersey.

Of course, there’s the Bayway Refinery right off the New Jersey Turnpike — betcha didn’t know the name of the joint — that processes about 238,000 barrels of oil per day. This is exactly the place that out-of-staters think of when they think of New Jersey as the “armpit of America.”

But it’s not just the refinery; gasoline in New Jersey is always a hot-button topic. Why? Because it’s the only state where residents, guests, and your Uncle Irving aren’t allowed to pump their own.

In 49 other states, any human is granted permission to operate the pumps; in New Jersey, not so much.

Every few years, some legislators stir things up, trying to upend the law, but invariably, political bosses put the kibosh on it quicker than you can say, “twentydollarsregular.”  

And with the average price of a gallon of gas exceeding $4 right now — and for the foreseeable future — it’s no wonder gasoline is a hot topic in the Garden State.

With all that in mind, there’s a new promotion from Caesars that has caught some attention here at the NJ Online Gambling HQ.

Hail Caesar, hail a gas attendant

Throughout the month of April, the sportsbook is giving out $60,000 in gas cards, $100 at a time, which won’t fill up a Chevy Suburban, but still ain’t nuthin’.

The best part? To be eligible to win, all you have to do is make a deposit. You don’t even have to gamble with it, although for every tier credit received while playing in the online casino, you’ll get another entry. (Tier credits accrue at one for every $5 wagered on slots and every $25 wagered on table games.)

The gas card winners will be notified via email throughout the month, and as far as catches go, there are precious few. The card is for use at Mobil, Sunoco, or Speedway stations, can be sent via email or regular mail to the winners, and … that’s pretty much that.

As far as casino come-ons go, this one is objectively benign. But just remember: Even Halle Berry can’t pump her own gas in New Jersey.

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