Borgata Online Casino Is Bringing Down The House With This New Exclusive Monopoly Slot

Borgata Casino has taken the initiative by launching an exclusive slot in New Jersey. Monopoly: Bring Down the House is now live.
Bring Down The House Exclusive Borgata Casino NJ
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In a NJ online casino industry where game overlap has become the norm, exclusivity is worn like a badge of honor.

And it looks like Borgata online casino will adorn the badge this week, having recently launched the exclusive Monopoly: Bring the House Down slot.

Granted, this isn’t the first time that everyone’s favorite rainy day pastime has manifested in digital form on the site — see Monopoly: Big Event, Epic Monopoly II, and Super Monopoly Money — but it may just be the most enticing take on the board game yet.

Monopoly, features be thy name

At its core, Bring the House Down is a pretty standard five reel penny slot with 40 paylines, not all that different from most other games on Borgata online casino. But that’s where the similarities end and the game breathes a life of its own.

Features abound for this title. Most predominant among them is the Hot Zone Feature. How this works is that during each and every spin, Monopoly houses will rain from the sky. Should some land on the reels, all of them will turn wild, resulting in a much higher chance of a big payout.

What’s more, is that these houses can be randomly upgraded to hotels. All hotels will have a random multiplier added from 2x – 5x. Given the game’s relatively low payout scores, players will likely need hotels to win anything significant during regular spins.

But it isn’t until players activate the Free Spins Feature that the payout potential really ramps up. Players trigger this bonus round by securing Monopoly scatter symbols on reels 1,3,5. Do so, and eight free spins will be theirs, during which all Hot Zone wilds will “stick” to the board for the duration of the bonus period. Suffice it to say, by spins 7 and 8 players can often expect some fairly hefty payouts.

There are also a slew of other, one-off features associated with this title, including:

  • Chance Card Feature: Randomly drops a Hot Zone on a random reel. Players choose from one of three chance cards, each one revealing a different Hot Zone pattern.
  • Selector Feature: Also drops a random Hot Zone on a reel. Players will have three seconds to either accept payout or try a new pattern. Play it safe, or go for gusto.
  • Bonus Drop Feature: If a Hot Zone falls entirely above a reel, there’s a chance the Bonus Drop will be triggered. If it is, the Hot Zone will drop onto the reels.

Big (and best) Bet feature

If that weren’t already enough features to get your thimbles spinning, Monopoly: Bring the House Down also offers a second game variant: the aptly titled Big Bet.

Put simply, Big Bet is a supersized version of the game, where players will wager between $20 – $50 in exchange for five spins. For the most part, it resembles the primary game, with the following critical deviations:

  • At the beginning of each round players will choose from eight Community Chest booster cards.
  • The number of boosts they receive depends on the amount wagered, with baseline players ($20) receiving one boost.
  • For each additional $10 wagered, players will receive another boost, up to four boosts at the $50 level.

Regarding the Community Chests boosts, they range pretty wildly in how beneficial they are to players. A few examples of boosts players can win include:

  • Extra free games: Pretty self-explanatory — players will win between 1 -3 extra spins. Medium value.
  • Instant cash prizes: Range from $5 – $25. Not great, as it trades-off an increased chance of a big payout for a small cash prize.
  • Persistent: Possibly the most valuable boost, players lucky enough to choose this card will see all of their scatter symbols stick to the board, vastly increasing the likelihood that they’ll trigger the Free Games feature during their round.
  • Eliminate symbols: We thought this one would be awesome, as it strips away all T,J,Q, and K symbols from the board. But it appears only to slightly increase the chances of big line pays.
  • All Spins Win: Helps to offset losses by guaranteeing a win on every spin. Problem is, the guaranteed wins tend toward the small size.
  • Hotel Win multipliers: Another solid feature that permanently boosts the multiplier of Hot Zone wilds for the duration of the round. Multipliers range from 2x – 5x.

All in all, the Big Bet feature is a prudent choice for those that can afford a minimum of $20 a spin, as it elevates the return-to-player to 98.1% — up from 94.1% at < $2 a spin, and 96.1% at > $2 a spin.

For perspective, that return is better than what’s offered on nearly all online slots, poorer video poker games, and nearly all table games sans perfectly played blackjack. Not bad.

Borgata looking to make moves

Borgata is fairly well-positioned to rise up the NJ online gambling revenue charts in September. Not only does the launch of Monopoly: Bring the House Down give it a leg up in the exclusivity department, but some of its other network exclusive titles have combined to create the biggest progressive jackpot the industry has seen: over $2.1 million for its Big Series.

Not to mention, September will mark the second full month that playMGM will be in operation. The site, which utilizes the same casino platform as Borgata Casino and Party Casino, offers one of the best welcome packages in the industry, and boasts enough brand recognition to get the job done.

That’s not to say Borgata will soon topple the triumvirate of Golden Nugget/Betfair Casino/Play SugarHouse for industry top dog status, but it wouldn’t surprise if the race became a bit tighter.

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