Big Bet Slots: A Bonus Round In Every Wager At NJ Online Casinos

Big Bet slots may not be for budget player, but for players that can afford them, they offer great returns and a heart-pumping experience.
Big Bet Slots NJ Online Casinos
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In the modern slot world, bonus rounds are king. Yes, players can occasionally win a big prize during normal spins, but the bulk of a game’s return is wrapped up in wins generated from free spins or other special features.

Unfortunately, today’s online slots tend toward the volatile side, which means there can often be long and arduous stretches between bonus rounds. When the bonuses do come, they can be substantial, but in the interim, player bankrolls usually take a serious dent.

And let’s face it, seeing the first two bonus symbols drop only to brick out on the third, time and time again, doesn’t exactly do much for a slot’s fun factor.

Enter Big Bet slots, which enable players to skip the formalities and jump straight to a bonus round. In this guide we take a look at this newer game innovation, and detail where NJ online casino players can find these (very) high-risk, high-reward games within a game.

Big Bet games in a nutshell

The Big Bet feature can be found on several games powered by SG Interactive, and brought to players by Williams Interactive and Barcrest.

From title to title, it functions similarly. Upon entering the game screen, players will default to the main game, which functions like the penny slots they may already be accustomed to. There, they can choose to play for normal stakes, typically starting at a $1 or less per spin.

Or alternatively, they can click on the Big Bet icon, denoted with a “BB” symbol, and for a fixed price of usually at least $10 or $20, can purchase five Big Bet spins.

The primary difference between regular and Big Bet spins are that the latter will produce playing conditions that are much more favorable to the player. A few conditions we’ve noticed:

  • Lower paying symbols such as 10 – A, may be removed from the reels for the entirety of the Big Bet round.
  • Wilds can be persistent, meaning that once triggered they’ll lock into place.
  • Symbols that trigger additional bonus rounds/free spins may also be persistent.
  • All wins may be multiplied.

If these nuances sound familiar, that’s because they’re typically associated with bonus rounds, likening the Big Bet feature to a bonus that players pay for.

Usually, Big Bet games offer players several buy-in tiers to choose from, with the less expensive tiers offering players less favorable conditions, and the pricier ones truly enviable ones. With each more expensive tier, game volatility increases.

At maximum, we’ve seen Big Bet features go for up to $50 for five spins — that’s big enough to put most high-rollers on the edge of their seat.

Big Bet, big returns

To the delight of players, one of the defining features of Big Bet games is that the returns tend toward the high side, the very high side.

On average, the Big Bet slots we’ve sampled return between 98.1% – 99%, which is extraordinary for a game that requires no skill, and is typically thought of as the bread and butter of casino profits.

For perspective, Big Bet games offer better returns than:

  • European Roulette: Single zero version of the game with a house edge of 2.7%
  • 6:5 Blackjack games with other unfavorable rules, which offer a return of ~98%
  • Nearly all Carnival Games (Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Pai Gow Poker). The house edge on these games is typically around 3%.
  • Video poker games with unfavorable pay tables, such as 8/5 Jacks or Better, which returns 97.3%

Compared to other slot machines, the differences are even more staggering. In Atlantic City, the average slot returns somewhere in the vicinity of 91%, meaning players who wager $100 can expect $91 in return. If that same player grinds out Big Bet games, they’ll get back an additional $7 – $8 for every $100 wagered.

Compared to regular slots found on NJ gambling sites, Big Bet games also win out, with most regular terminals returning between 93% and 98%. Note that the average return of ~96% for a NJ online casino slot is already exceptionally high for the global slot industry, yet Big Bet games still do one better.

Lastly, Big Bet slots offer better returns than their main game counterparts, typically by between 2 – 3%. So players that do preference a game that allows for hi-roller wagers, should always go that route.

Where to find Big Bet games

So far, there are just a smattering of Big Bet games, but as SG Interactive expands its influence (it recently forged a deal to acquire NYX Gaming), we do expect that number to grow.

Games found on popular NJ online casinos, including our preferred site Betfair Casino, include:

  • Hercules High and Mighty
  • Sheik Yer Money
  • Monopoly Big Event

In addition, Borgata Casino offers the currently exclusive Monopoly: Bring The House Down.

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