The Perfect Fit: Finding The NJ Online Sportsbook That’s Right For You This NFL Season


Bettors situated in New Jersey will be the envy of the sports betting industry this weekend, as NJ is currently just one of two states that allows punters to legally wager on NFL Week 1 games from anywhere within its borders.

No long lines, no fuss, and unlike in Nevada, New Jersey bettors will be able to wager remotely without having to first labor through the cumbersome process of setting up a mobile account at an affiliated land-based casino.

For the NJ bettor, life is good, with five mobile sportsbooks to choose from, and more on the horizon.

With so many options, it helps to know which books cater to your specific needs. So, while we can’t exactly advocate that you follow our picks against the spread, we can provide a helping hand in finding the right NJ online sportsbook.

Best new bettor bonus: DraftKings

Probably going to catch some slack from the boys over at Play SugarHouse for this one, but allow us to explain. Yes, the 100% deposit match up to $250 (1x wagering requirement) offered by Play SugarHouse is terrific, unparalleled even. However, players that have already taken advantage of a first-time deposit bonus on Play SugarHouse casino are not eligible for the offer.

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Contrarily, on DraftKings, it doesn’t matter if you’re a completely fresh registrant or already have a daily fantasy sports account; all new players on DraftKings Sportsbook are eligible for a free bet. If you already have funds in your sportsbook account from DFS winnings, you won’t even have to make a deposit to take part in this offer. Simply place a real-money wager on sports, and immediately win a free bet for the amount of that wager, capped at $200.

In the enviable scenario where you haven’t yet signed up at Play SugarHouse, we advise taking part in both new player offers, as combined, they’re about the next best thing to being handed $450 in cash.

Best promotion: DraftKings (1,000,000th bet)

DraftKings has apparently leveraged its strong branding and first-mover status in the NJ sports betting market to great effect, as it’s already on the cusp of taking its 1 millionth bet.

To celebrate the landmark, the operator is giving away $35,000 in free bet prizes. The promotion rewards players that place milestone bets, starting at the 900,000th bet and for every 10,000th bet thereafter. When the 995,000th bet is made, DraftKings will up the ante even further, by doling out prizes to players who make every thousandth bet until the 1 million bet milestone is reached. The lucky player who makes that wager will net a cool $10,000 in free bets.

Granted, this promotion will only reward 16 players, but the monetary prizes are large, and honestly, it’s really the only semi-exciting promotion in town at the moment.

On a side, at the time of this writing, bettors have placed over 915k bets, working out to about an average of 30k bets per day over the operator’s first month in the booking biz. Given this, it’s likely this promotion will meet its end by the time the NY Jets take the field on Monday night.

Most accessible platform: Play SugarHouse

Play SugarHouse has fully integrated its sportsbook into its existing online casino platform, and shares account information and a rewards program with the same. The book is available for PC, as well as Android and iOS powered smartphones and tablet devices, with the mobile sports betting app also having been integrated with casino.

Beyond that, Play SugarHouse offers a slew of viable ways to get money on and off the site, including VIP Preferred, PayPal, and a prepaid card option.

Newly-released FanDuel Sportsbook is making its own case as the most accessible sportsbook, but for now, Play SugarHouse wins by a fair margin.

Best money lines: FanDuel Sportsbook

We’re proud to announce that the pricing in New Jersey has gotten a whole lot more competitive, with William Hill and Play SugarHouse offering solid money lines on this week’s NFL games.

But it’s FanDuel that has gone a step beyond, with money lines that average a few cents less than its closest competitors, and are even better than what we’ve seen out of Vegas. Now, this kind of bargain pricing could just be a marketing stunt to drive players to the book during this critical period. Or maybe FanDuel is cognizant of how competitive the market will be, and is willing to accept lower margins for a real shot at becoming the industry’s No. 1 book.

That said, not all of FanDuel’s lines are solid. Particularly, some of its NFL futures and props leave something to be desired.

Time will tell, but for now, bettors can enjoy the ride.

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Sickest value play: Atlanta v. Philadelphia money lines

Holy moly, are (some of) the money lines and spreads on tonight’s NFL Kickoff game between the Atlanta Falcons and reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, tight. A look around the horn:

  • Play SugarHouse – Money line: ATL(-113)/PHI(-103); Spread: ATL -1 (-105)/PHI(-109)
  • FanDuel – Money line: ATL(-112)/PHI(-100); Spread: ATL -1 (-110)/PHI(-105)
  • Will Hill – Money line: ATL(-110)/PHI(-110); Spread: ATL PK (-110)/PHI(-110)
  • playMGM – Spread: ATL PK (-110)/PHI (-110)
  • DraftKings – Money line: ATL(-117)/PHI(-105); Spread: ATL -1 (-108)/PHI(-112)

It’s pretty clear that FanDuel and Play SugarHouse are the places to make single-game wagers on tonight’s game, with both William Hill and playMGM as decent backups. As for DraftKings, well, the spread isn’t too bad, but these money lines have to tighten up.

Most betting options: FanDuel Sportsbook

Let it be known that both DraftKings and Play SugarHouse are offering tons of bets on this week’s NFL games, running the gamut from simple parlays to zany props. But FanDuel tops them both, allowing players to bet on everything under the sun.

Want to bet on whether Marvin Hall will score two touchdowns at +55,000? FanDuel has you covered. Like Jay Ajayi to rush more than 13.5 times (you better really like it at -112)? FanDuel has you covered. Think Atlanta will kick more than 0.5 field goals in the second half. FanDuel…you get the point.

And this is all before live in-game betting, which we can proudly state will be available in abundance on most, if not all, NJ online sportsbooks for NFL.

Best overall book

We’re going to take the impartial route and say that the best book is the one you are most comfortable with. Savvy value hunters will likely want to stick with FanDuel, while those who enjoy a mix of fairly competitive pricing and ease of access will favor Play SugarHouse. New player? Check out DraftKings, and come back next week to see if playMGM and Will Hill brought anything new to the table.

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