Running Down The Top 5 Best Banking Methods At NJ Online Casinos


New Jersey online casinos all offer a wide selection of options for depositing and withdrawing money, but these methods were not created equally and a handful stand out above the others in terms of efficiency and ease of use.


The ideal choice of banking method obviously varies by personal preference, but a number of criteria stand out. The quality of method is largely based on:

  • Turnaround time for money to become available to use.
  • Acceptance rate, as not every method is available at all casinos.
  • Limits per transfer, which can vary significantly.
  • Fees, which only apply to certain options.

NJ online casino top 5 deposit/withdrawal options

PayPalYou probably have already had it set up for years

Immediate processing

Can only withdraw if you have first deposited through PayPal

Requires a Personal PayPal account

ACH/eCheckFast, secure, and widest availability

High acceptance rate

Withdrawals can take a few days to hit accounts.


Online Bank TransferEasy setup, fast availability

Do not have to input sensitive information on the gambling site

Deposit only

Not offered by all banks

Cash at the CageLarge deposits and instant withdrawals possible

Does not require players to have bank account or credit card

Requires physical travel
NetellerSpecifically designed with online gambling transactions in mind

High limits


Couple of extra steps involved in deposit process

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As one of the world’s most popular online payment methods in general, PayPal would likely have dominated all other banking methods for online gaming in New Jersey from the beginning had it been originally available. But unfortunately several hurdles had to be cleared and it took nearly two years for PayPal to become an option in the state.

Since then it has been quickly adopted by many online casinos and offers simple and convenient banking, mostly by virtue of the fact that many people already have had accounts set up with all their banking information for years at this point. It’s also highly secure, utilizing encryption tech that one might find at large financial institutions.

The main qualms we had with PayPal are that players are required to have a Personal (not Business) account, and they must first use the method for deposits before withdrawing. But these are very minor complaints for what is a near perfect payment processing vehicle.


The ideal standard for transferring money directly from your bank account, eCheck transfers are usually available instantaneously and do not incur any fees. The method tends to have a higher limit allowed than the average method, and is allowed by almost every online casino and almost every major bank.

Setup is quick and should usually only require providing basic bank account information.

Online Bank Transfer

Deposits via Online Bank Transfers can be conducted without fees from banking accounts that allow Online Bill Pay as a courtesy feature.

This method is inferior to ACH as eChecks allow for withdrawals in addition to deposits. Not to mention, Online Bank Transfers also require a bit more setup than ACH as you must activate the feature from within your bank login.

But like eChecks, Online Bank Transfer funds usually appear in your casino account instantaneously, even if the money may not be removed from your bank for several days.

The method usually works best in tandem with ACH as an option to combine limits to deposit more money at once.


While it may seem counterintuitive to use old-fashioned paper money in order to gamble electronically online, for players that are in proximity to Atlantic City it is always an option to bring your money directly to the cashier’s cage of whatever brick-and-mortar casino is affiliated with the online casino of your choice.

The main benefit is instant deposit of a much larger amount of funds than the limits of most other methods, as well as cashing out without the lengthy delays that electronic withdrawals usually bring.

It should also be noted that small cash deposits via 7-Eleven still prove a convenient option everywhere else in the state for players who experience difficulty with bank account-based methods.


Using Neteller as an e-wallet for online casinos adds an additional step to the process, as money must first be transferred into the Neteller account from your bank or credit card.

But once there, players can conduct very large and fast transactions to the casino with little complication, and withdrawing back to the Neteller wallet allows winnings to become easily available via a Neteller linked physical card that is included with the account.

Internationally, Neteller is used more commonly, and players in NJ may find that they have somewhat tighter restrictions on their options to transfer their money than people outside the US, at least until several layers of verification have been accomplished.

Neteller does have fees associated with its use, but they may be less than those of a credit cards depending on the provider.

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