Golden Nugget Casino In NJ Celebrates 500 Games With A Thousand Prizes


Madness comes to the Golden Nugget Casino, in the form of a doubly generous monthly leaderboard race promotion.

With a theme inspired by the annual basketball festivities that occur every March, the leading operator in the New Jersey market has decided to celebrate its recent milestone of reaching 500 games on the site by increasing the rewards of its usual monthly giveaway. This month 1,000 players will get to share part of a prize pool of $50,000 bonus dollars as part of its 500 Games Madness.

Easy Participation

As always, Golden Nugget crafts its monthly promotion to be as easy as possible to access. Players can opt in with a single click upon logging in, then all you need to be eligible is to deposit at least $20 a single time.

From there simply play real-money games as normal, and all your earned Golden Points are tracked on the March leaderboard. All activity on slots, video poker, or table game of choice generates Golden Points, as do simple deposits.

Slots are often the most efficient way of earning points, as players get 5 GPs for every $100 wagered. All other games yield 1 GP per $100. On certain days you will also be able to make use of the “Game of the Week” promotion, earning double the usual amount of points by playing the chosen game. Extra points for basic activity also earned:

  • 10 GP for each day you make a Real Money bet.
  • 20 GP each day you deposit between $50 and $99.
  • 40 GP each day you deposit $100 or more.

Points for depositing are credited once a week on Wednesdays, so get those deposits in before the 28th or you will find them counting for the April race.

Beyond the usual Golden Points system, players also can make use of the Weekly Missions feature.  Each week there are two options, the Weekly Points Mission and the Weekly Coins Mission. Players can opt in to either or both, and make a deposit to start working towards the mission requirement. Completing the Points Mission will yield bonus GP for the leaderboard, while coins earned from the Coins Mission will accrue on a separate Weekly Leaderboard with the week’s top ten earners winning bonus free play.

Fair chance to cash in

One of the best things about Golden Nugget’s races is the broad spread on the leaderboard. The odds are decent for even a casual player to reap a small prize, even if only the truly hardcore make the top spots.

Last month’s race paid out $5 for the top 500 players, which in that case took just under 1,000 points (an amount that could easily be earned from just focusing on the weekly missions). The top 100 spots earned $50 for close to 6,000 points, comparable to the month before, while the three highest ranks all had roughly  50,000. That works out to roughly $1,000,000 wagered on your favorite slot, or half that if you stick to the Game of the Week. This was a far cry from January, where the #1 player had more than triple that.

In 500 Games Madness players should find it even easier to reap a prize, since the paid places have been expanded to the top 1,000 players on the board, even if the added value may entice many players to up their activity (making the highest ranks even harder than usual to achieve). For this reason it’s best for the average player to not go too crazy (though hardcore slot junkies: have at it!) and instead just enjoy extra value on what is already an always great promotion.

Players focused on the long term prizes for the yearly leaderboard may have the urge to take extra advantage this month, but it appears that the same player nabbed the top prize both months this year so far, so it’s going to be tough to catch up for that Bentley. Very high-volume players that are interested may want to pace themselves as point values for the yearly board increase significantly in the later months on the calendar.

A Milestone accomplishment

While it’s normal for Golden Nugget to sprinkle in a few “Mystery Months” with double the usual $25,000 prize pool, it’s particularly auspicious for the March race to coincide with Golden Nugget’s 500th game added. While the site offered some brief one-day promotions to mark the occasion on February 27th (a small amount of cashback and bonus Golden Points on all games) celebrating itself all month long by working it into 500 Games Madness is some well-earned braggadocio.

Golden Nugget is the first online casino in the New Jersey to reach this landmark, towering over many of the smaller sites in terms of game library. The site enjoyed massive growth last year which so far has continued into 2018, and also leads the pack in innovations (in 2016 being the first online casino in the market to offer Live Dealer games, and then this year becoming one of the first to offer Virtual Sports). There is probably no better way to honor this accomplishment than to punctuate it by reminding the players that they also excel at great promotional offers too.

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